• Ladies' First
    Watching Michelle Obama's transcendent speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, I thought about the First Lady's recent appearance on the "Late Late Show," where she killed it with host James Corden in Carpool Karaoke. It turned out that singing along to Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Missy Elliott was a pitch-perfect prelude to her lending a priceless (and necessary) authenticity at the political proceedings, helping to unify the party behind Hillary Clinton.
  • America's Most Media-Savvy Candidate Ever
    Watching the GOP convention unfold everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter, Twitch to ABC, and Fox News to streaming news service CBSN, has removed any doubt that for better or worse, Donald Trump is the first truly multiplatform presidential candidate.
  • Bearing Live Witness To Tragedy -- And Change
    Facebook Live, like other streaming tools and social media platforms, quickly became another in a series of essential reporting outlets bringing the most crucial issues of our time up close and personal for everyone who has a screen. The murderous assault on the Dallas police, the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling - both at the hands of the police - and scores of other seemingly avoidable act of gun violence, have become a streaming staple. I'd argue it's of prime importance that cameras bear witness to all the madness and injustice.
  • Independence -- From The Multiplex Screen
    Whether you were in The Hamptons, the Berkshires or lolling about your backyard somewhere in Westchester or Brooklyn this Fourth of July weekend - lolling about almost anywhere pleasant on earth - chances are your smart set of pals weren't gassing with anticipation about what great movie was in the works. No, that chatter was probably an enthusiastic pitch for what Netflix or Amazon series to binge on.
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