• All The News That's Fit to Print -- On Video
    "The future of media is visual," Mark Thompson said recently. The New York Times CEO was presenting the blue-chip news organization's slate of video series at the NewFronts at the time, obviously banking that ramping up expansion of the Gray Lady's digital offerings would eventually offset tumbling print revenues.
  • Cannes Now Has The Lions' Share
    No doubt about it: this is the year that the Cannes Lions became known as the must-attend entertainment festival, and not just a big week-long international fete. That Cannes Lions has expanded from its advertising roots goes beyond its recent rebranding as a "Festival of Creativity." What it does speak volumes about how we are at a crucial crossroads of content and technology.
  • ESPN Gets The Juice -- And Ratings -- With O.J.
    ESPN has been rightly praised for its ambitious five-part documentary, "O.J. Simpson: Made In America," an example of great work that would never have existed if we didn't live in a "TV Everywhere" universe.
  • Good Grief
    Indulge me. This may be wishful or magical thinking on my part, but I see a a connection between the tragic passing over the last several months of three incredible cultural giants-Muhammad Ali, Prince and David Bowie-and our better media selves rising up against the pervasive multiplatform Trumpian evil. I see hope in the tragic passing of three legends.
  • Politicians: They Watch And Wait
    Deep inside a terrific New York magazine profile this week of Hillary Clinton, we get a glimpse of what she and hubby Bill do during their rare downtime together at home in Chappaqua, N.Y. The world's most famous, or infamous, power couple -- depending on your political stripe -- watch TV series that in a truly not-so-over-the-top way mirrors their stranger-than-fiction lives.
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