• Vice And The New News Order
    When Eagles of Death Metal -- the band so tragically entwined in the recent Paris tragedy -- decided to break their silence and address all that was lost that terrible night, they chose to speak to Vice supremo Shane Smith. The heavy metal band that was on stage playing when madmen murdered 89 fans at the Bataclan could have given the exclusive to any news organization. But they selected Vice, not "Good Morning America," "The Today Show" or "60 Minutes."
  • How Political Campaigns Can Avoid '50 States Of Waste'
    I urge those seeking elected office in 2016 -- and the folks who are planning their media -- to take a look at Targeted Victory's 50 States Of Waste study and learn from the expensive mistakes of those who ran in 2014. The company, which partnered with Google for this study, may be a GOP-focused firm, but there is much to be learned for Republicans and Democrats alike about what not to do when promoting a candidate. The study looked at Congressional districts in every state "to demonstrate waste and inefficiency in broadcast television buying" during the last election cycle. …
  • 'Twas 44 Days Before Christmas
    I was talking on the phone to my friend and colleague Rob Edelstein about how, in the sometimes-maddening TV Everywhere universe, any holiday or election gets touted out earlier each year, like so many Black Friday ads for that 96-inch HDTV you simply can't live without.
  • Are We Not Men? We Are TiVo!
    TiVo devices and the technology that powers them have had a revolutionary impact on the media business. Still, TiVo has long been so much more than its increasingly elegant devices. Whether that's the proprietary software it licenses or its expanding research business (cemented further this week by a new deal with Viacom), at its heart TiVo is an innovative, disruptive, technology company. Internally that's well known and put into action, but the company's branding fell short in getting that message out to the world at large.
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