Video Daily Editions for January 2014
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 31, 2014
Super Bowl XLVIII Marks The 10th Anniversary Of The Wardrobe Malfunction That Changed TV
Puppies and Clydesdales Rule! Bud Wins the Pre-Super Bowl Ad Derby, and So What?
NFL Now a New Online Platform for Fans, Debuts This Summer
NBCU, Comcast Ad Tool Targets Addressable Spots
What $4M, Cost Of 30-Second Super Bowl Ad, Could Buy On Social Media
Twitter Now Has Search Function for Videos, News, Friends
Alpha One Capital's Dan Niles Excited about Facebook Video Ads
What The Big Game's Big Data Means For Advertising Analytics
Who Needs Game? Super Bowl Spots Soar Online
Mass Audience of the Super Bowl Makes Internet Advertising Seem So Small
PLAs Boost Revenue For Google Paid-Search Clicks
So Many Super Bowl Ads To Watch Before The Super Bowl
Must Super Bowl Ads Be Viral?
Multiscreen Buying And Measurement To Drive Programmatic Video In 2014
Demand For Online Video Ads Increases Threefold Following Super Bowl
Long Live The #SuperBowl
Facebook Taking Social TV Seriously With UK Tie-Up
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014
NBCU, Comcast Ad Tool Targets Addressable Spots
'Farmed and Dangerous' Is Not What It Seems. Or Is It?
When The Ads Are More Important Than The Game: To Host 'Brand Bowl'
GroupM Launches New Multicultural Analytics Unit
Most Super Bowl Viewers Will Share Ads on Social Media
VivaKi Chooses Innovid as Worldwide Ad Solutions Partner
The Age Of The 3-Second Ad Is Upon Us
Fox Sports Digital Taps YouTube Space L.A. For New Series
So Many Super Bowl Ads To Watch Before The Super Bowl
Poptent Video Adds An Inexpensive Music Component
Streaming And The Golden Age Of Episodic Content
5 Things Super Bowl Advertisers Should Be Doing But Aren't
Kia's Matrix Ad Aims To Show Mirage Of Luxury Ideas
Mass Audience of the Super Bowl Makes Internet Advertising Seem So Small
How Touching: Start Up Says Users Don't Want to Lean Back
College Website Says Streaming Rules
An Unruly Look at Super Bowl Pre-Buzz
Oscar Nomination Pulled After Email Scandal
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014
When People Look Around, Some Decide Streaming Services Are A Little Thin
Apple's TV Ambitions Take Shape
Super Bowl Ads Rack Up 44 Million Views On YouTube Pre-Game
An Unruly Look at Super Bowl Pre-Buzz
Definitely TMI: PewDiePie Says He Steals HIs Internet from Neighbors
NDN Picks Google's DoubleClick for Ads
Pizza Hut Live-Auditions Fans For Game Day Spot
Game On For Super Bowl Ad Fans
NCM Unveils Digital Turbo, CNN Measures Out-of-Home
Demand Media Shifts Focus To Programmatic, Eliminates Direct Sales Team
Doritos Shows Creativity Gets Marketers To The Super Bowl
Is There Room For 'Premium Mobile Video' In Programmatic?
Lessons Of Our $100 Million Pilot
A Look at Super Bowl Viral Ad Winners
Viggle Acquires TV Dijit Media, Integrates NextGuide Tech
CBS Extends Nielsen Cross-Platform Metrics Deal
Multiple Apps: Confusing, Or Just Good Revenue News For Stations?
The De-Bimbo-ization Of Super Bowl Ads? A Girl Can Dream
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014
Social Media Couldn't Save Grammys
VOD, SVOD Services Battle For Viewer Satisfaction
A Look at Super Bowl Viral Ad Winners
NBC Broadcast Revs Rocket In Q4, Co. Holds Steady At $24B For 2013
Thought Catalog Reveals How Indie Publishers Are Taking Advantage Of RTB
Pizza Hut Live-Auditions Fans For Game Day Spot
Broadcast News & Digital Video #ManagementFail
LiveRail Adds Peter Naylor To Board Of Directors
Programmatic Accounted For Nearly Half Of SpotXchange's Revenue In 2013
Coke Pre-Releases One Of Its Two Super Bowl Ads
Chipotle Hulu Series Satirizes Industrial Agriculture
CEO Susan Lyne Says AOL Can Barely Keep Up with Advertising Demand
For First Time in Six Years, Comcast Quarterly Results Show Uptick in Cable Subs
TubeMogul Touts Its Open Video View as Viewability Solution
Longform Journalism's Next Step: The Story Becomes Publishing Unit?
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 27, 2014
So Many Memes...New Video Curating Helpers Are Like Dating Services
Horizon Turns New Page In Programmatic, Guarantees Ad Is In-View Before Bid Is Made
'NYPost' Pegs Digital Strategist As President
Broadcast News & Digital Video #ManagementFail
Natalie Mazer Joins AudienceScience, Places Bet On Hands-On Advertisers
Anheuser-Busch, Pfizer Among Advertisers for First-Ever Hispanic Super Bowl Telecast, Live Stream
The Super Social Bowl
Facebook Tops Rivals In Driving Users To Indie Sites
Digital Content Players Head for Syndication's NATPE Confab
StumbleUpon's 5by App Brings Targeted Serendipity To Mobile Video
Pop Secret Pops Digital Kernels To Gain Buzz
Chipotle Is Behind New Hulu Sitcom about Sustainable Agriculture
Digital Shoppers Expect Cross-Channel Consistency
Yahoo Acquires Cloud Party
Refrigerator Caught Sending Spam Emails
Video Daily - Friday, Jan. 24, 2014
PGA Tour, SendtoNews Ink Digital Video Deal
Do Consumers Really Like When Advertisers Hijack Their Screens?
Apple Prepping New TV Set-Top-Box
I Am Not A Geek, But I Play One When Querying Google
ABC National TV Taps OConnell As President, Heads O&O Ad Sales
Netflix Sets A New Stock Price High, One Day After
Advertisers Crave More Video Ad Targeting, Study Finds
TV Tops Second Screen For Viewers' Attention
Netflix Soars High, Has "Almost Comical Valuation," Says Analyst
Upfront On Aereo And Broadcast Networks
TubeMogul Adds Viewability Reporting For Online Video Ads
TiVo Is All About Software, Lays Off Industrial Designers
6 Unexpected Research Trends For '14
Hulu Plus App Redesign Helps Big Spike in Views
2014 Ad Tech Memes
Netflix Seeks To Reassure Stockholders That ISPs Won't Degrade Streams
Why The Big 3 Need To Worry About No. 5
Video Daily - Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014
High-Flying Netflix, Still High-Flying. Now What?
AdRoll Rolls On, Acquires Second Company In Userfox
Finding Customers On Demand
Not Feeling The Love: Mindshare Reports Brand Loyalty Decline
Mobile Video - How Long Until Prime Time?
Xfinity-Branded WiFi Spots Free During Winter Olympics
Facebook Testing Mobile Ad Network, Q4 Outlook Solid
RTB For Online Video: 'Don't Trust - And Definitely Verify'
All the Hot Buttons You Need: Video, Social, Mobile
5 Video Trends Shaping Online News
65% of Emails Were Opened on a Mobile Device in Q4 2013: Movable Ink
Video Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014
It Slices, It Dices...It's The Amazing Internet of Things, Now Appearing
Viacom Creates Integrated Marketing Unit
Exploring What Consumers Say About Digital Content Brands
'Programmatic Systems' Accounted For $1.9B Of Multi-Screen Video Spend In 2013
Is Facebook Headed For Collapse?
MiTu Syndicates English, Spanish Content To AOL
Video Engagement In An Online Shopper's World
Digital Revs Hit $8B In 2013, Shadows TV's $150B Gain
Microsoft Xbox One Goes Super-Stealth, Hyper-Native, Silly-Stupid In YouTube Campaign
Requiem For A Promising Medium - Comics In Motion
Custom Video Content Best Practices
VW's German Engineers Cook Up the Perfect Super Bowl Ad
Is Netflix Popularity Just a Matter of Periodic Consumer Share-Shift?
Amazon Exploring Web TV Service
Pinterest CEO Talks Ads Strategy
Video Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014
I Want To Hold Your Digitals: CBS Starts 'Experience' Cross-Platform Unit Around Beatles' Debut on Sullivan
Google Breaks Into Madison Avenue's 'Big 5,' Comcast Erodes As No. 1 Supplier
What to Look for with Netflix Earnings Call
Custom Video Content Best Practices
Dove's 'Selfie' Dissects Daughters, Mothers, Social Media
China's Communist Party Now Requires Creators to Use Real Names to Upload Videos
Media Buyers Not So Smitten With Twitter ROI
VOD Services Register Uptick, While Premium Cable Dips
User-Generated Video Moves To Biz World With Self-Service Tools
Verizon Buys OnCue, Extends Pay TV Service
Can Amazon Read Your Mind?
More Financial Pros Using Social Media For Investor Relations
Inventory Available For RTB Grew 35% In 2013; Supply And Demand Evening Out
Tamara Franklin; Scripps Networks Interactive
Video Daily - Monday, Jan. 20, 2014
Networks Should Do New Kind of Pilot Shopping This Year
Spotify Launches Artist Merchandising
Mobile Sales Pass Online at Video Streaming Service
Don't Tell Anyone, But The Secrets Of Ad Technology Are Being Shared
18-Year Old YouTube Mogul Is Making a Fashion Statement
You Can Practice Real-Time Marketing With The Lights On
In Europe, NintendoTVii New Service is a No Show
View-through Conversions And Why They Could Matter To Your Non-profit
Hollywood Going All Digital
Doing Something About The Weather - With Mobile
Ad Revenue Up 30% For Puppy Bowl, Cats To Hang Out In Sheba VIP Suite
Do You Have What It Takes To Be Yahoo's Next Ad Guru?
HBO Go Coming Soon To PlayStation 3
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