AI & IoT Daily Editions for April 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Magic Leap Raises Another $280 Million
Roku Veterans Launching CTV Ad Network
JLR Tests Rewarding Drivers For Sharing Data
Movable Ink Partners With SmarterHQ To Drive Personalized Visual Emails
How To Design Mobile-First Emails
Why Microsoft Built Its New Browser On Google Chromium
Uber Includes London Public Transport Options
VOD Sees Big Growth In The UK
Vacuuming The Inbox: MIT Researchers Test Tool For Email Users
Will America Really Punish The UK Over Huawei And 5G?
Consumer Ambivalence Towards Self-Driving Cars
Holistic Search: The Future Is Silent
YouTube Inks Deal To Stream MLB Games
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, April 29, 2019
Domino's Adds Pizza Order Location Tracking
AT&T Takes IoT Network Live Nationwide
Samsung Introduces A TV Set That Lets You Watch Vertically, Aimed At Millennials
Consumers Give Self-Driving Cars More Consideration
Kohl's Steps Up Amazon Returns, Amazon Steps Into Your Garage
Why Microsoft Built Its New Browser On Google Chromium
Verizon Focuses On Traffic As Metric, Not Search Engine Position Rankings
Vacuuming The Inbox: MIT Researchers Test Tool For Email Users
IAB Tech Lab Launches New GDPR Guidance
Samaritans To Assist Tech Giants In Reducing Harmful Content
What Legacy Retailers Can Learn From D2C's Move To Stores
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, April 26, 2019
Verizon Names 20 More Cities For 5G Smartphone Service
Walmart Opens AI-Powered Store
National Geographic Launching Antarctica VR Experience
Snap To Launch Select, New Ad Endeavor
GoDaddy Shuts Down Subdomains Selling Miracle Cures
NBCU Teases Streaming Plans As It Weighs Hulu Options
BBC Wants To Stream For A Year To Take On Netflix
LG Electronics Calls Global Media Review
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, April 25, 2019
Augmented Reality Familiarity Depends On Age
FAA Certifies Alphabet's Wing For Drone Deliveries
DirecTV Sees More Subscriber Losses, AT&T Trims Time Warner Deal Debt
Scenario Project Finds The Future Isn't What It Used To Be, The Car May Be TV's Next Big Daypart
Former Lead Gmail Designer Has Come Up With A Gmail Fix
Nothing Personal: Brands Lag In Personalization Despite Its Power
Social Apps With New Content Achieve Higher Unlock Phone Engagements
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Restaurants Fear Future Mobile Disruption
Smartphone Growth Drives Wireless Charging: Study
JCPenney Halts Mobile Payments In Stores
BlackBerry Messenger (It Still Exists?) Will Disconnect May 31
EU Tells Tech Giants To Beat The Bots
Huawei Likely To Provide 5G Network Help
Mobile Accounts For 51% Of UK Digital Ad Spend
Snapchat Users Grow
Mobile Crowned King Of Digital Marketing
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Despite Mobile Payments, Cash Remains King
Audi Group Partners For Advanced Sensors On Autonomous Cars
Sony Launches Its Own Taxi-Hailing Mobile App
Connected TV CPMs, Advertising Rise
SiriusXM Launches Less Expensive 'Essential' Streaming Plan
Watching Ads Verified By Facial Recognition Earns Moviegoers Free Ticket
IAB Tech Lab Replaces Interactive API
A New Paradigm In Human-Supervised Machine Learning
Samsung Delays Launch Of Its Flawed, 2G Foldable Smartphone
Why We're Not Ready For AI To Take The Wheel... Yet
3 Surprisingly Common Martech Pitfalls To Avoid
Older Vehicles Can Be Retrofitted With New Safety Systems
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, April 22, 2019
Kroger Starts Grocery Deliveries In Self-Driving Vehicles
Hyundai Intros Smartphone-Based Vehicle Performance Controls
Privacy And Security Still Concerns For Virtual Assistant Users, Bing Ads Study Says
Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Nissan GT-R Most Instagrammed Vehicles
APK Workarounds For Inbox For Gmail No Longer Work
A Glossary Of Martech AI Lingo
As Tesla Trims Board, Elon Musk Banks On Autonomous Vehicles
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, April 19, 2019
Uber Gets $1 Billion Investment In Self-Driving Car Unit
Consumer Robots On The Rise
Reviewers Find A Few Unexpected Wrinkles In The Samsung Folding Phone
Gmail Suffers Two-Hour Global Outage: Reports
Verizon Media Opens 5G Studio In LA, Drives Content Innovations
Consumers Open To Ad-Supported OTT Offerings
Is There Life After The Smartphone?
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Get Private Browsing Extension
Back To School For GDPR: Can Parents Photograph Their Children?
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, April 18, 2019
58% Check Their Phones While Driving
7-Eleven Intros 'Pokemon' AR Experience For Movie Promo
AI Faces 'Diversity Crisis'
Google Brings YouTube To Amazon Devices, Resolves Dispute
The Dichotomy Of Consumer Shopping: Online Vs. In-Store
How Technology Helps/Hurts The Automotive Industry
Sony Releases Some Details On PlayStation5
Tech Giants Must Be Clearer On Ecommerce Competition
Vodafone Angers Customers By Cutting Auto-Forwarding for Vodafone Mail
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, April 17, 2019
57% Willing To Make Payments Via Connected Car
Audi Unveils AI:ME, Its High-Tech Car Of The Future
Shutterstock Launches AR Shopping Feature
Apple's Share Of U.S. Smartphone Market Up To 45.5%
Apple, Qualcomm Reach License Agreement, Settle Royalty Dispute
Netflix To Trial Top Ten UK Shows List
Spotify Unveils R&D Team In London
Vodafone Banned From Calling Broadband 'Gigafast'
Is Samsung Email Accessing Gmail Accounts? Bug Leads To Alert
Social Acceleration Contributes To Shorter Attention Spans
Qualcomm, Apple Settle Ugly Disputes, Letting The 5G Chips Fall
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