Marin Integrates YouTube Ad Metrics Into SEM Platform


Marin Software has added advanced reporting capabilities for YouTube advertising in its ad management platform that supports search, display and social ad campaigns -- all from one platform.

Google's video site delivers more than 2 billion viewing sessions monthly to users in the United States, according to comScore. By integrating with AdWords, Marin's software can now monitor metrics from contextually targeted videos. based on keyword placement, as well as measure performance.

Marin's platform pulls in impression, cost and click data, and ties those metrics into data from future, or downstream, purchases. While the YouTube integration isn't entirely API enabled, Marin had to pull some data through an export account linked to its platform.

The idea to integrate YouTube ad data came from requests after surveying Marin's more than 800 clients, which collectively spend $2 billion annually through the company. About 35% wanted integration with YouTube to analyze results from ads. They also want the ability to integrate metrics from LinkedIn and Twitter, which Marin will work to provide in the product during the coming year, according to Matt Lawson, Marin's marketing vice president.



Marin's platform now provides workflow, analytics, and optimization tools for managing video ads, in-video advertising and banner placements on YouTube. Google offers promoted video ads on the right rail and at the top of the page, along with banner ads and in-video advertising. Marin now has the capability to pull data and analyze each.

Reporting capabilities are available through the Enterprise Edition customers for both premium and self-service YouTube ads, as well as management capabilities for all self-service YouTube ad types. Professional Edition customers receive reporting and management functions for YouTube self-service ads.


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  1. Brennan Bennett from Louisville Social Management, August 17, 2011 at 10:10 a.m.

    This is a excellent advancement of metric analytics. It will open a whole new frontier of data analysis for social media marketing firms.

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