Topshop, Bosworth Launch Digital Wonderland


Leave it to trendy Topshop to think outside the holiday marketing box: The British fast-fashion chain is turning a short and sexy holiday film into a 360-degree digital initiative.

Called “Winter Wonderland,” the film features bombshell Kate Bosworth performing atop a piano, in a way that will make older viewers think of the famous scene with Michelle Pffeifer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys,’’ and younger viewers think, “Hey, where can I get that lipstick?”

The retailer’s home page then invites them to interact with the video, with Bosworth’s makeup available with just a click, as is the song. (It’s available on iTunes, Shazam and Spotify, and the London-based retailer says it is hoping it makes No. 1.)



The film, directed by Michael Polish, features Bosworth crooning under a chandelier in a custom-made Topshop evening dress. Viewers can also get information about the dress and shoes, which will be available as “special made to order” when the chain opens its new Los Angles stores in February. 

Topshop first teased viewers with a five-day campaign in print, social and digital media, using a #whosthatgirl? hashtag, with images of the actress at iconic London landmarks with her face obscured. Those who guessed right earned a $1,000 shopping spree.

The company says it is running the film in “all social media platforms,, cinemas, digital billboards, giant screens installed in flagship stores and interactive audio windows globally.” 

Bosworth has appeared in such films as “Blue Crush” and “Superman Returns,” and has represented Calvin Klein and Coach Bags.

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