76 Seconds Or Out

According to LivePerson, in its second annual “Connecting with Customers” research, today’s consumers want access to information and support instantly, and if they don’t find what they need quickly, they will look for it somewhere else. The study finds that, on average, consumers won’t wait more than 76 seconds if they need help during their online journey.

There is room for improvement, says the report, as 58% of consumers are frustrated by poor quality service online. Consumers are quick to look elsewhere when they feel their expectations are not being met, says the report, showing that 49% of consumers continue to find websites difficult to navigate, with 33% struggling to seek help or locate customer service. The research shows that much room for improvement remains. Consumers are abandoning online purchases and transactions due to frustrations that could easily be remedied, opines the report.

Reason For Abandoning An Online Purchase

Reason For Abandoning

% of Respondents

Unexpected delivery costs


Lack of information about product / service / delivery


Website difficult to navigate / can't find what I'm looking for


Do not trust the website / security concerns


Checkout problems


Complicated registration / login process


Want to ask a question - can't find the answer


Technical issues, such as slow website or unavailable pages


Disruptive experience


Difficulty in getting any help / customer service on the website


Source: LivePerson, November 2013

Every interaction with a brand can either drive customer loyalty, or lead to abandonment to a competitor, says the report. The repercussions of a negative digital experience have never been higher, and the result of a positive experience is becoming increasingly more valuable. 84% of online users say brand trust is a result of a positive online experience. In addition, the vast majority say that a positive online experience makes it more likely for them to complete the purchase with the company and to buy from a company again

  • 78% of consumers agree that they are more likely to be loyal to companies that give them a great experience and service online
  • 88% say that, when help is needed, live chat makes both the overall digital experience and perception of the company better
  • The result of a poor online interaction with a brand is abandonment of the transaction (45%), a negative perception of the company (45%), loss of trust (43%), and loss of a customer to an alternative website (41%)

It’s no surprise that consumers want to reach their goal online in the fastest and most convenient way possible, observes the report. The window of expectation for timely assistance is growing narrower, making it essential to have the right engagement strategy in place and ready the moment a consumer arrives at the site. 73% of consumers stated speed and efficiency was the number one factor in creating a great online experience:

  • Online consumers want access to real-time help in an average of 76 seconds or else they will seek alternatives away from the site
  • 77% agree that when they’re online, they want to get things done as quickly as possible

Factors For A “Great” Online Shopping Experience


% of Respondents

Getting my issue resolved quickly


Getting my issue resolved in a single interaction


Dealing with a friendly customer service representative


Being able to follow up with the same person if necessary


Providing me with customized offers / discounts


Being able to record, print or save a copy of any interaction with the company / brand


Having some follow-up after my enquiry to ensure I am satisfied


Being able to multi-task while my issue is being solved


Having a personalized experience


Not having to speak to someone


Being able to access help via a mobile device


Being provided media tools such as how-to videos, product demos etc. for purchases


Being able to access help via social media sites


Source: LivePerson, November 2013

While consumers are growing increasingly adept and self-sufficient online, identifying the key moments where they may require additional support during their digital journey is essential, and can mean the difference between winning a customer or losing a sale. The most common occasions for needing help with a website are having a question about a specific product/service, trouble making a purchase, or post-purchase queries.

Stages Where Assistance Is Most Needed In Order Of The Buying Process

Stage of Buying Process

% Who Need Assistance

Want to open /register for an account


Have trouble logging into an account


Have a question about a specific product or service you are interested in purchasing


Have trouble making a purchase


Have trouble making a transaction


Want help on an existing purchase or account


Want to check the status of an order


Want to manage your account or pay a bill


Have a problem with the product or purchase after purchasing it


Want to make a complaint


Want to cancel or terminate an account


Source: LivePerson, November 2013

The report concludes that if brands deliver a positive digital experience, the results extend far beyond a successful purchase or transaction, and create a greater opportunity to build strong and long-lasting customer relationships, translating to greater revenue and brand value for businesses. The study also demonstrates that today’s digital consumers have very specific needs and high expectations when it comes to their online experience. They want their questions and issues resolved simply, quickly and within a single transaction.

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