Loctite, Fallon Are 'Positive' With First Super Bowl Spot

Henkel's Loctite brand and products have been around for more than 50 years — its adhesives hold iPhones, airplanes, appliances and car interiors together. They are sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target and Walmart, but its consumer brand awareness is weak, especially compared to the industrial market where its Threadlocker products are well known.

Now, Loctite and its ad agency Fallon are introducing the brand's first Super Bowl ad to raise recognition among everyday users. They want people to see and feel the power of success Loctite can bring, whether you’re making something or breaking something. 

First, Loctite and Fallon “pre-launched” the brand into consumer awareness in May of 2014 with the “Dance” spot that aired during the NBA Finals and several TV series season finales. Media then continued with other executions. The campaign built an online following through YouTube and Twitter throughout the remainder of 2014. To date, the “Dance” spot has garnered more than 1,000,000 views while the brand built an active social voice and community through Twitter anchored in #winatglue.



Now, this multifaceted campaign has led to the Super Bowl spot titled “Positive Feelings,” which links together performers from the campaign’s previous creative with a collection of new members all wearing Loctite Fanny Packs. The ad — shot by the duo Tim and Eric — shows these individuals forming the Loctite Party Crew as they "strut their winning pride" to a custom created dance-hall track. 

The concept is based on Fallon research that the entire glue category is rooted in failure. Not only are consumers often trying to repair something that’s broken, their experiences using adhesives — Super Glue in particular — eventually lead to disappointment. Either the bottle they thought they could use is actually dried up from the last time it was used, or the repair itself doesn’t work. 

The Super Bowl spot is scheduled to run in the first commercial break of the 4th quarter. The hashtag #winatglue will run at the end of the spot to further engage fans. There is additional content on YouTube and a collection of success-inspired content on the brand’s new Tumblr page. 

German-based Henkel, whose other brands include Persil, Dial and Teroson, spent 4.2 million euros (about $4.8 million) on marketing and selling last year, according to its most recent financial report.

Fallon has worked with Loctite since December 2013.

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