Bud Light, Budweiser Garner Top Super Bowl Buzz

While fans eagerly anticipate the Super Bowl matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, the battle over Super Bowl ads is already heating up online, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence. 

Perennial Super Bowl advertiser Bud Light has been the brand most associated with this year's big game when it comes to digital content engagement, says Amobee. The brand's digital chatter increased 661% between December 26, 2015 -- January 26, 2016 after the alcohol brand released a Super Bowl teaser ad on January 21, featuring comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan getting ready for their Bud Light Party -- in this case “party” apparently being a play on political parties.

Sister brand Budweiser comes in second in terms of digital engagement with 97% as much chatter as Bud Light. Budweiser had one of the most popular Super Bowl ads for the last two years, and there is a high level of anticipation around their entry this year, says Amobee.



Celebrities seem to be a surefire way of attracting viral buzz. Skittles and Shock Top were the third- and fourth-most popular brands after Skittles revealed a digital spot showing that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is going to be featured in their Super Bowl commercial, while Shock Top released a teaser ad starring comedian T.J. Miller and a talking beer tap. 

"Super Bowl advertising has many layers to it," says Assaf Henkin, SVP brand intelligence solutions, Amobee. "Brands that will resonate with consumers will have a strategy in play before, during and after the big game. As marketers, we have to act beyond the 30- and 60-second TV spot by magnifying a brand message around a shared experience using a combination of mobile, social and video channels.”

Perhaps the biggest digital winners are Nationwide and GoDaddy both of whom  are not even running Super Bowl ads this year. Nationwide ranks fifth in terms of Super Bowl digital chatter entirely because of its controversial but memorable Super Bowl Ad from last year. That ad featured a child talking about things he wouldn't be able to accomplish since he died in an accident.

"Nationwide and GoDaddy’s decision to not participate in this year’s Super Bowl demonstrates the long-tail impact of the previous years’ advertising," says Henkin. "If you look at the continued level of interest around the Nationwide brand, specifically in terms of digital content engagement, their multi-million-dollar investment gave them an extended opportunity to shift brand perception and turn what was a negative experience for consumers into a positive one.”

Here’s the Top-10 List:  

1.    Bud Light

2.    Budweiser

3.    Skittles

4.    Shock Top

5.    Nationwide

6.    Doritos 

7.    Avocados From Mexico

8.    Butterfinger 

9.    Squarespace

10.  GoDaddy

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