PubMatic Launches Private-Marketplace Guaranteed Deals And Curated Audiences Offerings

Marketing automation software firm PubMatic on Monday announced the launch of two products: Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G) deals and Curated Audiences.

The PMP-G offering is designed to combine the certainty and audiences of direct deals with the advanced audience targeting of programmatic.

The goal of Curated Audiences is to segment and target audiences at scale in the same guaranteed environment with the packaging of multiple private marketplace (PMP) offers from various publishers, all under a multipublisher single deal ID. 

PubMatic says that its PMP-G offering allows publishers and advertisers to sync audiences in advance of a campaign, providing buyers with a higher degree of certainty than standard PMPs to fulfill an audience buy or reach a certain budget over a fixed period. For publishers, this provides more predictable revenue forecasting for their business.

“Before, advertisers had to choose between the precise targeting capabilities of the open marketplace or the inefficient process but guaranteed inventory of a direct buy,” Kirk McDonald, president, PubMatic, told Real-Time Daily via email. “With PMP-G, advertisers are accessing premium inventory and audiences without sacrificing scale and certainty, and publishers are able to work with their programmatic buyers in an entirely new way that ensures a guaranteed revenue stream.”



PubMatic says that by eliminating the need to manage multiple deals and campaigns, its Curated Audiences product provides media buyers with a more efficient workflow. Using it, buyers can quickly discover customized PMPs that are built around the specific needs of an advertiser’s campaign, such as audience or content, demographic profiles, or KPIs such as viewability. 

“They've [PubMatic] been our one-stop shop for highly viewable inventory across our diverse client base. Now, with Curated Audiences we can discover quality publisher data quickly, shortening the procurement cycle for audience and contextual at scale,” stated Christopher Martin, vice president, advertising operations, at MightyHive, a programmatic solutions provider.

A few of the inventory packages advertisers can buy are based on demographics (Hispanics, Moms, Millennials) and events (Super Bowl, Euro 2016, Olympics, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween).



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