FollowAnalytics Bows Mobile Tool With Machine Learning, Predictive Intelligence To Personalize Messaging

FollowAnalytics, a mobile marketing platform that aims to help marketers increase interaction through their mobile apps, launched a tool to help them deliver more personalized messages and run multiple testing campaigns simultaneously.

The company's new Mobile Optimization Suite enables marketers to optimize their mobile campaigns. “These campaigns are workflows that trigger in-app and push messages based on real-time inputs such as geography, profile inputs such as preferences and past behavior, and other data,” Samir Addamine, founder and chairman of FollowAnalytics, told Real-Time Daily via email.

The new tool includes an A/B (multivariate) testing feature that predicts what content to send people based on information like how similar users in their segment have behaved in the past, according to Addamine. The company said the more tests marketers run, the smarter and more accurate the tool becomes, which should help increase conversion rates.  “This means that instead of having to guess how to segment users and what tests to run, the system does it automatically and then provides the best content to each user,” Addamine said. The tool automatically selects sample size to ensure marketers are getting the most statistically significant results.



Machine learning and predictive analytics are embedded in the Mobile Optimization Suite in order to take the manual work out of testing. For example, if a user has 10 segments and five variations of copy, that’s 50 outcomes to test, a potentially time-consuming process. 

 “In order to accomplish fully personalized user journeys, you have to create infinite segments.  In fact, every single user has to become their own segment.  There's no way to take that much data and predict what content best suits each user. That's where artificial intelligence comes into play,” Addamine said.

The tool also enables marketers to create in-app messages that look like native content, and that go beyond text by embedding rich media such as photos and video. Marketers can choose from a variety of ad templates and also build their own custom templates to match native content.

The company said the tool targets the finance, retail, banking, and travel industries, which send millions of push notifications to app users through their mobile devices.

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