Blueshift Releases Cross-Channel 'Live Personalization' Suite

San Francisco-based marketing technology company Blueshift announced the general availability of its Live Personalization product on Wednesday.

The new release extends the company’s AI-powered recommendations engine, currently available in email marketing, mobile push notifications and SMS, to mobile applications and websites. 

Blueshift’s specialty lies in providing content and product suggestions, powered by machine learning, and trigger-based marketing automation. Blueshift’s technology is currently pending patent approval.

Unlike some larger marketing cloud vendors, Blueshift’s artificial intelligence is not an add-on feature. Instead, artificial intelligence comes included in the product -- a differentiator in an increasingly competitive market. 

Vijay Chittoor, co-founder and CEO of Blueshift, says brands "don’t know how data impacts their customers and they can’t use predictions in an automated way. Our mission right now is helping brands activate their customer data with AI.” 



Blueshift acts as a centralized customer engagement hub, facilitating the unified view of customer data needed for truly personalized marketing communication. Blueshift orchestrates data across channels, so engagement data is not siloed in different channels and solutions. Blueshift can also predict which channel is most preferred by the end consumer.

For example, the company’s technology could recommend a direct mail campaign as opposed to email for inbox-resistant customers. 

Chittoor says there are three levels of maturity in marketing automation. The first is automating email messages, while the second is automating marketing messages across channels. The third level is “making every action across every channel automated through AI,” he says. He adds that artificial intelligence empowers marketers to do more with their roles, and enables them to spend more time on strategy as opposed to just doing tasks.

Chittoor compares this to the emerging self-driving car market. “A car doesn’t just go anywhere -- it goes where you want it to go,” he explains. “A marketer sets the direction and strategy of campaigns, figuring out the right goals and creative. Storytelling is something that AI is not good at.”


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