Google Expands Local Q&A To Desktop Search, Fueling Ability To Share Answers

Google has expanded the local Question & Answer feature on desktop through Google My Business, which rolled out in in August.

People searching for answers can query merchants, which can respond and answer questions from desktop and mobile search or on Android Google Maps.

For example, when someone searches for "Disneyland in Anaheim" they will see on the right side a desktop query in the search box with information about the company.

The Q&A section appears in the Knowledge box, along with other business information such as the company's name, description, address, hours of operation, any reviews, and a list of the most popular times.

On desktop searches under that information, the "Questions & answers" section now appears for most businesses.

Clicking on the questions serves an overlay to scroll through. Some of the questions and answers for "Disney in Anaheim" include: "Which is the best way to drop off a family to Disneyland Park. The answer: "The best way for drop off family is at down town Disney. Drop them off then you can take a short walk to the park."

When someone does a search for a business, it must include the location. Searching on "Google" does not return the Q&A section, but searching on "Google in Mountain View" returns information on "Googleplex." One question asks: "Can I get a chance to discover this place? I'm from India." The answer: "There are places open to public. Check out the Android statues. Cool!"

The box also uses the searcher's location to ask questions. For example, in the Knowledge box Google asks "Know this place? Answer quick questions." Clicking on the link brings up a question based on the search or location.




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