Smartphone Growth Drives Wireless Charging: Study

Driven by the growth of phones that can be charged wirelessly, global shipments of wireless power receivers and transmitters grew 37% last year, according to a new forecast by IHS Markit.

That was a growth of 600 million units from the previous year.

Shipments of wireless power receivers and transmitters are projected to reach 2.1 billion units in 2023. Mobile phones continue to lead growth in wireless power, accounting for 71% of all wireless power receivers, according to IHS.

“Wireless charging is used as a market differentiator to promote flagship models,” states Dinesh Kithany, wireless power and power supplies analyst at IHS Markit. “For example, Huawei and Samsung both included some innovations in their smartphones, with features like reverse-charging, wireless power-sharing, multi-device charging and the introduction of NFC wireless charging.”



Annual shipments of phones that can charged wirelessly grew by nearly 40% in 2018, reaching 300 million units, primarily driven by flagship models, according to IHS. The growth is projected to increase in mid-range smartphones

Annual unit shipments of wirelessly charged mobile phones grew by nearly 40 percent in 2018, reaching 300 million units, mainly driven by flagship models. The growth is expected to build in the mid-range smartphone category, as mobile phone companies plan to extend the adoption of wireless charging in that price band.

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