Vivendi-Owned Dailymotion Extends Partnership With White Ops To Reduce Ad Fraud

Vivendi-owned video platform Dailymotion has signed a deal with White Ops to gain access to its human verification system for programmatic advertising as the company focuses on working to ensure that publishers and advertisers work with trusted platforms.

Sophisticated malware that lives on a person's device can now learn and mimic the way the device searches and browses the internet, as well as the way the person might click on links and videos.

The partnership aims to reduce ad fraud and ensure accountability with pre-bid detection technology to block bots, invalid traffic and deceitful impressions. The technology identifies whether or not impressions are valid.

Gregory Jamet, global head of brand safety at Dailymotion, said it’s too easy for fraudsters to hide the malicious code behind a program on a computer and create fraudulent ad impressions. "We receive a signal from White Ops informing us that an impression opportunity on an ad is not valid and should not be sent to the buyer because the bid is not human." 

The technology, White Ops Advertising Integrity, not only identifies invalid traffic, but can also identify why it’s invalid and from where it originated said Eric Clemenceau, director of business development at the cyber security company White Ops.

A few years ago, fraud was not as complex. “You could see the mouse going at a forty-five degree angle, for example, and determine the traffic’s invalid,” Clemenceau said.

In the past two to three years, the landscape has changed. Sophisticated bots that can live on a device are extremely difficult to detect. Today, 75% of the fraud comes from malware on the device, connected TV, and other devices.

“It’s like a shadow on the machine that acts like the person who uses the device,” Clemenceau said, explaining how malware follows the person’s searching and browsing habits. “It mimics the way the device owner surfs the internet.”

To identify the difference between the person and malware, White Ops needed to collect and analyze a “huge number of impressions and actions worldwide,” he said.

White Ops Advertising Integrity is deployed through a JavaScript tag or a 1x1 pixel to offer advertisers real-time visibility on desktops, mobile apps, mobile web, and CTV platforms. Privacy-sensitive detection tags execute asynchronously, meaning that there is no impact on site load times or performance.

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