Grocery Giant Kroger Partners With Microsoft To Ensure CPG Companies Can Analyze Data

Microsoft PromoteIQ, a commerce marketing platform, now supports the ability for marketers at consumer products goods companies to gain insights into their campaigns when working with the Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) division of The Kroger Co.

Kroger is working to become more transparent with CPG brands by providing a way for them to continually access data.

“The digital advertising world is plagued with inaccurate data,” stated Cara Pratt, vice president of commercial and product strategy for Kroger Precision Marketing. “It has forced marketers to ask tough questions about their media choices.”

The campaign insight capabilities in Microsoft PromoteIQ, which are made available to CPG brands running marketing campaigns through its digital platform, will allow brands to track in-store and online sales results attributed to advertising campaigns running across Kroger’s digital properties.



The Precision Marketing platform's features allow marketers to more accurately understand performance attributable to a brand’s advertising campaign and optimize media investment against return on ad spend (ROAS).  

PromoteIQ supports a variety of sponsored product ads on Kroger websites and mobile apps. The platform uses Kroger's customer loyalty program and data to link between online browsing and offline shopping.

Kroger’s self-service advertising platform has been operating for two years. In 2019, hundreds of Kroger suppliers ran thousands of campaigns, according to the company.

Whether consumers purchase products in stores with cash or online via credit card, brands are now able to track the shopper impact of their ad campaigns all the way through to purchase. This should enable marketers to better understand campaign performance.

Although unconfirmed from Microsoft and Kroger, search data through Bing could also integrate into the strategy to verify demand. 

In January, Microsoft and Kroger announced a joint project to test new features that include digital store shelves that can show ads and change prices in real time, something Microsoft has been working on for years.

A network of sensors keep track of products and help speed shoppers through the aisles, along with improving inventory replenishment. It's a cloud-based system that Kroger could eventually roll out in all its 2,780 supermarkets.

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