Volkswagen Aims To Control Smart Home Devices From Car

Volkswagen is partnering with to enable the control of smart home devices from the car.

Later this year, VW’s Passat and other models will include the smart home services powered by JD Whale, the IoT platform of JD.

“The smart home service enables drivers to control home appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and even curtains remotely from their car through voice command or touch of the car’s screen,” states the blog introducing the venture.

The geofence function also can automatically switch home appliances on or off if the car is within range on a return trip home.

The system is voice-controlled.

By saying “turn on ‘going home’ mode,” the IoT platform could turn on the lights, water hater and air conditioner in advance of returning home.

JD also is partnering with Volkswagen to launch a smart maintenance service so drivers can check the overall condiction of their car from home.

“When we think about travel functions, what we think about most is how to connect the car with the outside world, how to take the car as the key connecting point and how to provide a real experience of connectivity for living,” stated Ying Gao, senior product manager at SAIC Volkswagen Mobile Internet.

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