Technology Builds Ad Creative, A/B Tests Show It Performs Better

Programmatic mobile bidding platform Appreciate introduced technology on Monday that enables app developers to optimize performance by running creative pieces across multiple ad units.    

The platform, Creative Wizard, brings KPI performance data to a part of the industry that was not largely driven by data, enabling marketers to optimize their ad creative to be served via programmatic trading.

The technology runs on programmatic channels and exchanges intended for app marketers including game developers, ecommerce, transportation, entertainment and delivery.

Most app marketers don’t have a variety of ad creative units available that spans across ad sizes and traffic. Appreciate’s Creative Wizard enables automation of the process of building the ad creative, and then A/B testing the ads to ensure they’re improving campaign KPIs.

After running a user acquisition campaign for two weeks, casual game developer Veraxen used the platform to generate a new creative responsible for generating an 80% increase in install. The company said it also improved campaign performance.



Another early adopter working with Appreciate that developed a transportation app generated by Creative Wizard delivered a conversion rate increase of 110% on 320x50 banners and an increase of 144% on 300x250.

Banners measuring 300x250 were generated and implemented, resulting in a 20% increase in installs and maintaining a low cost per install, the company said. This allowed the client to eliminate long lead times in creating their own banners.

Marketers do have several real major challenges regarding ad creative, such as ads that run too long and are no longer effective, target a new segment of user, and ad space in a size and format that marketers don’t have available.

For example, a publisher may have a lot of space in the 320x50-pixel banner size, but the marketer only has ads that are 300x250 pixels.

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