New Tool Supports Personalization Across Owned And Paid Media, Company Says

RevTrax, a specialist in offer management, has unveiled a product to provide broader personalization across touchpoints.

The new product, Offer Management Platform (PPD), utilizes pricing signals and AI-driven technology to help brands serve targeted promotions and discounts.

And, it supports personalization use cases “across every consumer digital touchpoint,” states Jonathan Treiber, chief executive officer of RevTrax.

According to RevTrax, PPD includes these features:

  • Price Sensitivity — Scoring on  0-10 scale on the likelihood of a customer being discount sensitive.
  • Retailer Preference Rank — Retailer name and preference rank for a consumer.    
  • Retailer Preference – Yes/No value on whether a consumer is likely to shop with a specific retailer. 
  • Full Price Buyer – Yes/No value determining if a consumer is willing to pay full price or needs a discount.
  • Retailer Class of Trade Preference — Preferred retailer class of trade and rank for a consumer. 
  • Best Time to Engage — The daypart in which the consumer is most likely to engage.
  • Offer Management Platform for smarter discounting and couponing. 

PPD leverages behavioral data gathered in over a decade. 

In addition, the firm offers six predictive models to help brands personalize experiences across owned and paid media.

The predictive models score consumer traffic without requiring sensitive consumer information, the firm says.

RevTrax serves multinational CPG, retail, travel, financial services and automotive brands.

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