My Favorite And Least Favorite Super Bowl Spots This Year

I really liked the Oatly commercial in last night’s Super Bowl. 

For one thing, it was among a handful of ads that I actually remembered the next day. And I only had one beer yesterday, I swear. 

Is it me or has there been a much more intensive spotlight over the past year placed on animal abuse in the dairy industry, since actor Joaquin Phoenix addressed the issue at last year’s Oscars? So from that standpoint, the timing of the Oatly spot was, well, spot on. 

I understand why some people might have disliked it. It was quirky, with the brand’s CEO looking like a wannabe rock star banging out his “wow cow” tune on a keyboard. But quirky stands out, which is harder and harder to do in the big game these days with everybody vying for the hottest celebrities to perform in over-the-top productions. 

My least favorite ad was the Cheetos spot with its message that it’s OK to steal — because all you have to do is lie about it in the face of all contrary evidence and somehow your denial wins the day. Just keep repeating the lie, and you’ll wear your accuser(s) down, even though you know they know you’re lying. 



Haven’t we had enough of that over the past four years? 

Advertising does that a lot because brands want to cast the perception they are so irresistible people will do anything to consume them. Cheat, steal, lie, whatever it takes. 

All in good fun, some will argue. But I disagree. It’s kind of lame and there has got to be a better messaging approach to convey a brand’s value.


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  1. George Parker from Parker Consultants, February 9, 2021 at 8:34 a.m.

    Richard. Regarding the Oakly spot... You mention the intensive spotlight over the past year placed on animal abuse in the dairy industry. Yet this spot was actually made eight years ago and was banned in Sweden, where Oatly is made, 'cos the Swedish Dairy Association sued the shit out of them.
    Cheers/"AdScam" George

  2. Matthew Gingrich from ---, February 9, 2021 at 9:22 a.m.

    Politics aside (something that seems impossible in industry writing), basing the Cheetos ad on a song about cheating our your spouse or girl/boyfriend was poor taste in and of itself.

    Regarding Joaquin, nobody cared/s. 

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