RTB House Collaborates With Oracle Moat To Measure Ad Campaign Performance

Advertisers are under pressure to provide transparency and insights around campaign performance. 

To support performance and measurement in a post-cookie world, RTB House is working on several initiatives.

One is a collaboration with Oracle Moat Measurement that brings its third-party advertisement analysis tools into RTB House's deep learning-based advertising platform. 

Mark Kopera, head of product at Oracle Moat, believes the collaboration will allow advertisers to leverage advanced attention metrics to see how consumers engage with ads in real-time across channels, from search to OTT and connected television.

The partnership enables precise ad measurement and transparency across RTB House’s video and display advertising solutions. The goal is to boost campaign performance significantly. 

Oracle Moat focuses on measuring ad effectiveness: verification and attention, reach, and frequency, as well as real-time lift measurement.



To date, RTB House has managed to monitor the results of its video and display branding campaigns on multiple ways, but the integration with Oracle Moat opens the opportunity for better, more precise, metrics as advertisers track and assess their campaigns. 

In terms of Oracle Moat benchmarks, early tests show that campaigns run by RTB House deliver more effectively than typical benchmark impression quality in a brand-safe environment, although the company did not provide specific details. By providing access to hundreds of metrics, RTB House claims it can assure clients that every impression drives value.

RTB House’s technology used deep learning to recognize where consumers sit in the buying process. It does this in real-time. The idea is to provide customers with independent proof that our deep learning-powered advertising solutions perform better than anything else on the market as the industry heads into a cookieless future.

“It is a very interesting time,” said Gary Burtka, vice president of U.S. operations at RTB House. “Television quality media like OTT and CTV inventory is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in terms of inventory access. With this more companies will have opportunities to take advantage of this media however these new entries to this market are requiring further tracking and reporting than traditional TV media buyers. This combined with improved targetability should fuel great competition in this area of media.”

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, June 3, 2021 at 4:51 p.m.

    Interesting, Laurie but how, exactly do they measure attentiveness to ads? Are they using "eye cameras" to determine how much of the presumed "audience" actually watches each ad in each placement on every platform---not likely---or are they using some mechanical or electronic indicator like CTRs as a surrogate for attentiveness?

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