Neutronian Launches Cookieless Certification Process, Verifies First Company

Neutronian will announce Thursday the launch of a cookieless certification to verify digital advertising data as sellers are prepared to navigate the loss of third-party cookies. 

Certification, which requires a full audit, is based on the company’s recently published Neutronian Quality Index (NQI) data-quality scoring framework, the certification process with verification of authenticity.  

Affinity Answers, a data provider, became the first to meet the requirements for cookieless certification.

Mahesh Narayanan, GM of data partnerships and activation at Affinity Answers, believes that the additional certification clearly demonstrates to brands and agencies that its contextual audiences are independently verified to not rely on cookies in any of its data production or processing.    

This additional level of certification verifies that a data provider does not use cookies to build their audience segments. It’s similar, in many ways, to the way that Neutronian already verifies that a data provider does not use bidstream data in their processes.

Affinity Answers, along with ShareThis, Eyeota,, and Bombora, have received general certification.

Neutronian created the core methodology based on its team’s unique experience with data audits, and extensive review and iteration with its agency and brand advisors.

The process ensures that Neutronian (NQI) metrics includes all information that buyers need to know before purchasing the data.

When it comes to cookieless certification, the review specifically checks that cookies are not used. 

What’s the secret to success without ad-tracking cookies? Be open, Yarnall said, because building trust can lead to better business outcomes and campaign performance.

Companies need to embrace transparency, which has become a buzzword in the past few years across the advertising industry -- and to provide the source of the data and how it will use the data not only to companies, but to individuals.


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