Gen Z Organic Chatter, Snapchat Can Now Track Trending Topics

Snapchat now gives marketers a glimpse into organic trending topics, keywords and moments most relevant to its 293 million daily active users through chatter. Users typically range between 13 and 24 years of age in the U.S., according to data pulled earlier this year.

It’s about organic chatter and analyzing trending topics, the company writes in a post published today.

Snapchat Trends highlights the most popular keywords shared with the Snapchat community via public Stories and My Stories that have been viewed by a large group, in addition to a searchable database of terms.

The research highlights organic consumer behavior to evaluate the market for product or service, from packaged goods to automotive

In the past week on Snapchat, trending topics included new movie releases, Friday the 13th, Saweetie Meals at McDonald's, turmoil in Afghanistan, Lefthanders Day, Perseid meteor shower over North America, final episode of The Bachelorette, fantasy drafts, and county fairs that closeout the summer.



Since it’s important to understand the market in which a brand, product, or service operates, analyzing multiple products in one query allows marketers to compare the peaks and valleys of conversation over time to see how a brand fares relative to competitors.

Marketers can use the data to understand consumer sentiment toward specific products or types of products, and how those products fit in the market.

People who use the platform also celebrate major milestones and those moments that occur in between. This might include National Ice Cream Day and International Women’s Day. The data shows “massive groundswell” in conversation around these “in-between” holidays. These are all relevant moments important to the users that brands can “own,” according to Snapchat.

Another way to analyze the chatter points to a change in language, the way users communicate and the words they use could provide fodder to build contextually relevant creative copy. Snapchat points to a 100% increase in mentions of the phrase “third-wheeling.” The recurring trend peaked nearly every Friday and Saturday. For the online dating industry, this language trend has been used as directional insight to help fuel new and relevant creative on Snap.   

Then there’s the way those who use Snapchat share major and minor life moments. This can help build a target-audience profile such as going to work, shopping online, and streaming the content. 

For example, the keyword, streaming, peaks each Friday, which aligns with new music drops and new content hitting the streaming platforms.

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