New Tool Can Help Ecommerce Brands Capture Email Addresses, Firm Says

Brands can obtain email addresses in an unobtrusive way and quickly recover abandoned carts, using Remarkety’s new Email Capture Booster, that company says.   

Remarkety, a Namagoo company, is a data-driven ecommerce marketing platform. 

"Our customers had been asking us for a new way of addressing cart abandonment, one that wasn't so intruding like email capture triggers can often feel," states Joel Presman, general manager and co-founder of Remarkety.

Presman says the new feature “was built with the customer experience in mind and finding the right balance for engagement to maximize brand performance."

The tool ensures shoppers have time to interact with brands and show interest in products, reducing the risk that consumers will be driven away by a brand being intrusive, the company says.

This announcement precedes the Shoptalk Fall Meetup from October 19-21.


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