Microsoft Advertising Updates Smart Shopping And Google Tag Manager Integration

Microsoft Advertising in its latest product updates focuses on automating repetitive tasks and an integration with Google, so marketers can focus on creative and strategy.

Included in this month’s update across the Microsoft Advertising Network are Smart Shopping for all advertising with access to shopping, new Video Ad options, and insights into why ads are rejected.

Smart Shopping campaigns allow advertisers to use Microsoft’s automation tools to optimize campaigns that target customers who are more likely to spend more. They are a combination of traditional shopping campaigns, automated bidding, Universal Event Tracking (UET), and remarketing.

The focus is on enabling automation tools to serve ads to the right consumer at the perfect time, reducing costs and boosting conversions.

Microsoft also announced an integration with Google Tag Manager, as Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) become available in Latin America and Asia-Pacific markets later this month.

Marketers can now choose between CPC or CPM pricing, and can gain a better understanding of why Microsoft requested their editorial content.

The Inline Appeal offering in the Microsoft Merchant Center interface gives advertisers visibility into any editorial rejections of offers for policy violations in the Store.

Microsoft also provides an organized summary of key policy violations that are driving major rejections.

This new feature also means advertisers can appeal or request a review for any rejections directly from the Merchant Center interface, and no longer have to email Ad Support directly and wait for email responses.

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