LG Ads To Start 'Guaranteed Outcome' Media Deals For LG Smart TV Platform

Adding to other industry new measurement efforts around TV advertising, LG Ads Solutions is starting up “guaranteed outcome-based” media offerings for advertisers that place connected TV (CTV) advertising to run on LG’s smart TV platform.

Initially, LG Ads will offer campaign performance guarantees on key performance indicators (KPIs) -- reach and frequency, demographics, video completion rates, and conversion metrics.

In terms of video completion rates, buyers only pay for ads that are viewed to 100% completion.

Efforts around conversion metrics will start with app installs after exposure to advertising. Later on, other conversion metrics such as tune-in, web visits, and physical location visits will be offered.

Campaigns participating in the guaranteed-outcome effort will include all streaming TV advertising content, including “native” ad formats on home-screen takeovers where consumers can click on ads, as well as connected TV video ads.



LG Ads has a smart TV network of more than 20 million U.S. households.

For verification of these campaign metrics, LG Ads says it is partnering with data companies, many which are MRC-accredited data companies.

The list includes Experian (for age/gender demographics, as well as data for ethnicity, household income, education level, and presence of children), Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick Campaign Manager), Innovid, FlashTalking, Sizmek, and others.

LG is also working with iSpot to validate incremental reach and frequency.

Keith Camoosa, chief addressability officer, dentsu Media, said in the release: “By guaranteeing we only pay for media that is proven to be incremental to linear, or to other streaming services already purchased directly, TV ad dollars can go much further.”

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