Ad Companies, Businesses Continue To Shutter Services In Russia

Extreme Reach, a tech platform for video ad campaign workflow that delivers ads to every screen and device, will offer its services free of charge to run public service announcements (PSAs) that support the people of Ukraine. 

The company shuttered all ad serving and delivery to Russian-affiliated digital and TV destinations, including Russia Today (RT) and RT America. 

"As a global company, we are part of a global community that is weakened when any of its people are oppressed," said Tim Conley, CEO of Extreme Reach, in an email to Search & Performance Marketing Daily. "We’re honored to have made a donation, the largest in our company’s history, to the Red Cross’s Ukraine Emergency Appeal."

Employees at Western-based businesses and advertising companies have been deeply affected by the reports and scenes of destruction and carnage as Russia continues to wage war on Ukraine, and many have made efforts to help those who live and work in the country.

Extreme Reach, which employs one in Ukraine and many Ukrainian nationals living in the United Kingdom and Germany, continues to support its team members whose families and loved ones are in the midst of this crisis. Many of the company's employees are individually donating to Save the Children’s Ukrainian Appeal and Voices of Children to help aid the courageous people of Ukraine.”

"Russian consumers are paying the price for Vladimir Putin’s invasion," Donovan Neale-May, founder and executive director of the CMO Council, wrote in a post.

The CMO Council is showing its support for Ukraine by supporting the brands discontinuing business practices in Russia. In solidarity, the CMO Council, whose membership includes some 16,000 global marketing leaders in 10,000 companies, is tracking this massive global brand protest. 

The list of brands is extensive, from Avery Dennison and Citi to Dunkin' Donuts and Russian-based search engine Yandex.

“We’ve never felt more connected to our community of brand marketers who have been quick to make their positions known and put action behind their words,” said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council.  “That’s why we’ve created our list of Brands Bucking Russia that will be updated daily, as long as this crisis continues.”

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