Gen Z Wants Video And Personalization, But Is Less Interested In Email

Email is the preferred communication channel of consumers: 52% choose it, versus a distant 17% for text and 14% for online accounts.

But young people are not as fond of it as their elders, according to the 2022 Digital Communications Market Study, a new report from Idomoo. 

The rate of email preference varies greatly by age cohort: 

  • Generation Z — 29%
  • Millennials — 40% 
  • GenerationX — 58%
  • Baby Boomers — 64%
  • Silent Generation — 67%

Despite all that, the study seems  more focused on showing the growing popularity of video.  

Of those polled, 62% want more video, but 74% rarely or never receive it. 



The study also found that video is the preferred medium for brand communications, especially among Gen Z and high-income earners.  

For instance, 40% of Gen Z and 61% of the high earners, who presumably are older, are most likely to want personalized video.  

In addition, 59% of Gen Z and 47% of high earners are most likely to desire video interactivity. And 69% of Gen Z and 33% of high earners want videos they can customize. 

The similarity is also seen in trust in brands. 

Overall, 55% of consumers trust brands to keep their data secure, versus 16% who don’t trust them, 26% who are neutral and 4% who don’t know. And 72% will share data in return for personalization. 

Gen Z and millennials are 20% more likely to share information, and high earners are 25% more likely. 

It could be that Gen Z and the high earners feel more free to let their imaginations wander. 

When do people expect a brand to understand their needs and interests and tailor content for them? They say: 

  • Before I have a relationship with them — 13% 
  • When I first sign up/create an account — 34%
  • During onboarding — 33%
  • After a few months or years of being a customer — 40%
  • Once I’ve opted in for a rewards or loyalty program — 24%
  • When I cancel or stop being a customer — 7%

And how should brands show they understand customers? They expect to be recognized by: 

  • Name — 51% 
  • Past purchase behavior — 44%
  • Interests — 35% 
  • Location — 22%
  • Device — 22%
  • Future goals — 15%

Meanwhile, 71% more people saw an increase in personalized brand communications since the pandemic began, versus those who said they did not see an increase. Americans were 20% more likely to note an increase.  

Continuing the country comparison, 30% of UK consumers don’t feel valued by brands, compared to 20% in the U.S.

Can this be the reason? Only 13% of UK consumers have ever received a personalized video, compared to 22% in the U.S.

On behalf of Idomoo, Arlington Research surveyed 2,000 consumers in the U.S. and UK in January 2022. These respondents have a relationship with a brand. High earners are defined as those with $150,000+ annual income in the U.S., and £75,000 in the UK. 




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