Gannett-Owned Agency LocaliQ Redefines Digital Marketing Strategy With Brand Overhaul

Gannett's digital agency LocaliQ -- which supports media including search -- began a transformation with the launch of its Seize Your Potential Campaign that features customer testimonials from four small businesses in healthcare, home improvement, tourism and entertainment.

The campaign to promote the agency’s transformation began in September. 

The change is the culmination of a year’s worth of repositioning,’ says Gina Kaiser, senior director of brand marketing for LocaliQ. “We felt the need to reposition our brand to be more in line with our DMS strategy.”

Messaging matters, and educating the market is important. So the company created a new digital story and invested in better defining its focus on its digital marketing strategy (DMS).

The agency launched a new website to better define who it is, what it offers and why. There is also a strategy to strengthen lead-generation services for clients.

Self-service tools such as listing, chat, and call recorder have been introduced in the past year, but the company is looking at how they work together to bundle them as a package.



“It’s one of the first times we clearly articulated how we help businesses,” Kaiser says. “We had one home improvement guy go from a three-man shop to a 10-man shop.”

The strategy centers on the idea that every business has potential. It’s about finding the potential and making it grow, Kaiser says. “It’s a simple concept,” she says, “but it works.”

Rockn-It Masonry owner Bruce Kahlhamer says in a campaign video for LocaliQ produced late last year that when LocaliQ came on, more clients started calling and business took off.

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