Loki And Thor Help Runners With The Next 5K Race With Marvel Move Fitness App

Marvel Move -- a new mobile fitness app featuring a series of running workout routines guided by Marvel Comics characters -- allows fans to immerse themselves in the Marvel Universe while getting fit.

Marvel Move was created in collaboration with Six to Start, a company that creates popular smartphone fitness apps that throw users into gamified exercise quests, whether it’s sprinting from the undead in “Zombies, Run!” or walking for your life in “The Walk,” or, now, teaming up with Thor, Loki, The Hulk and more Marvel fan favorites.

The app will feature five continuing storylines, including “Asgard 5K Training,” an eight-week long series of 24 workouts fully guided by Thor and Loki that are intended to train runners for a full 5K race.

There are also X-Men audio stories featuring famed characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Jean Grey who require runners to help them take down mutantkind, while The Hulk invites runners to ditch the authorities in “Hulkville” and The Daredevil requires help to bring down a dangerous criminal underworld.

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch are included too, helping runners escape a place they have never visited before.

According to Marvel and Six to Start, the app is not just for runners. Users are invited to go at their own pace, whether that be a walk, a job, a sprint or from a wheelchair. Distance, time and intensity is up to the individual users.

Marvel Move will be released to the public on iOs and Android sometime this summer via Six to Start's new ZRX app.

Users can pay $74.99/year to access the workouts, unless they are part of the Marvel Move Founders Club, which costs $99. Members receive a two-year subscription to Marvel Move and other perks -- including a free trial to Marvel Unlimited, the comics subscription service, and an invitation to private Q&A live streams.

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