Microsoft Broadens Focus On Carbon Neutral Ad Buying, Partners With Scope3

Microsoft has partnered with Scope3 to offer its partners a way to reduce the carbon footprint of their digital advertising. Scope3’s mission is to decarbonize media and advertising.

Climate Shield -- Scope3’s product that is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising -- now is available through Microsoft’s demand side platform (DSP). It is available in the U.K., United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, and Spain for campaigns running on desktop and mobile.

Microsoft announced a $1 billion Climate Innovation Fund in 2020 as part of its environmental sustainability strategy. The company Microsoft wants to have a positive impact on the climate, so as part of the strategy it is switching all its data centers to renewables to become carbon neutral by 2030, and carbon negative by 2050 by writing all the wrongs done by partners. This is done by auditing suppliers and partners.

Climate risk is determined by gathering emissions data and using science-based methodology to determine an acceptable emitted threshold of CO2 based on 1,000 impressions. Any inventory passing that is considered a climate change and should be blocked.

Microsoft said climate risk is a moving target and declined to cite the websites have been flagged as climate risk, one of the biggest perpetrators, carbon intensive, are made for advertising content and websites. These sites aggressively focus on generating traffic to websites from search engine and social media platforms.

This is just the beginning to changes made to its broader advertising platform, according to Microsoft.

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