A Mobile App And Keyboard Will Analyze Use And Behavior

Tappa, a mobile keyboard provider, will introduce an “insights platform” in 2024 that analyzes keyword use and behavior.

It relies on machine learning (ML) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive modeling to provide insights. The tool, Tappa Insights, aims to improve messaging, offers, and marketing revenue.

Leo Giel, CEO of Tappa, believes it’s about turning search into a utility that creates a different type of branded engagement opportunity.

“There is an opportunity to increase the utility of mobile phones by adding a dedicated mobile keyboard,” he said.

Tappa is known for its app and mobile keyboard, mostly used for Android devices.

The company says that in September, 20% of the more than 300 million users of its keyboard access search daily from the app rather than open Google Search on their phone. That’s up from 18.5% in July.

AI technology from OpenAI integrated into Tappa's products earlier this year enables smarter writing functions on the device. A search icon on the keyboard lets users choose a default search engine to query information.



The average user opens the keyboard app about 80 times per day to search for information, with Yahoo the top search engine of choice.

Search is the most common function used on the keyboard.

A mobile keyboard is a virtual input tool that allows users to type on an Android device, and connects with an app on the mobile phone. When the user taps the keys, the keyboard sends signals to the operating system, which converts them into text input. 

Other commonly used features in Tappa’s dedicated mobile keyboard include branded stickers and marketer-branded content such as TappaText, and the Tappa app re-engagement technology.

By integrating the Tappa Keyboard SDK into an app offering, marketers can engage with users in different ways. From links to their app store or content on the keyboard, the keyboard offered non-intrusive way to engage with users when compared with push notifications. 

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