Kantar Integration Evaluates Ad Effectiveness On Meta Without Cookies

Marketing data and analytics company Kantar has introduced a new integration with Meta that focuses on measuring ad effectiveness without cookies. 

Following a similar integration with TikTok, the company says it will track ad views across Facebook and Instagram.

Kantar says its "direct integration" model for measuring Meta ad effectiveness will utilize its Lift and Lift+ products -- a measurement solution with a database of over 25,000 digital campaigns that provides cookieless measurement to advertisers.

The integration with Meta enables Kantar to retrieve Facebook and Instagram ad-exposure information for a cohort of panelists from Kantar's profiles network.

The panelists have opted in to have their Meta data analyzed by Kantar, which will apply its insights in brand-lift methodology to evaluate the impact of the advertising.



According to the company, direct integrations offer additional accuracy and privacy when measuring advertising effectiveness -- providing advertisers with a cookieless experience.

Kantar devised this integrated platform as a way to represent 90% of global digital ad spend by integrating top publishers into cross-publisher measurement.

“In this tough business environment, with the crackdown on cookies and companies struggling to adapt, understanding effectiveness has never been more vital,” Kantar said in a recent statement.

According to Kantar's internal media reactions research, over half of brand and marketing organizations are concerned with their company’s ability to provide impactful digital performance measurement in a cookieless world, while 48% believe that zero-party data is a key strategy for the industry.

Last week, TikTok named Kantar a measurement partner for brand-lift studies, allowing TikTok advertisers to quantify ad impact on metrics like ad recall, awareness, attitude, and favorability.

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