TikTok Commits To Automated Performance, Launches Generative AI Ad Suite

Following recent moves from social giants like Meta, TikTok will begin integrating generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its advertising products with “TikTok Symphony,” a suite of AI tools intended to help marketers with script writing, video production and more.

At the TikTok World product summit, the company said “Symphony Creative Studio” uses machine learning to generate videos made for TikTok with minor instructions from advertisers, alongside the option for ready-made videos that advertisers can use for campaigns based on their TikTok Ads Manager assets and product information.

The AI “Assistant” is intended to help advertisers boost their campaigns by automatically refining their scripts and offering recommendations on best practices like highlighting current platform trends to tap into.



The suite of tools also includes an “Ads Manager Integration” designed to help brands fix and optimize videos they have already made for their TikTok campaigns.

In addition to TikTok’s “Symphony” offerings -- which are currently being tested with a selection of brands -- the company announced a new hub for its creative tools called “TikTok One” that enables brands to access nearly two million creators, find agency and production partners and pull insights from the TikTok Creator Marketplace and UGC platform TikTok Creative Challenge.

Building off last year’s Smart Performance Campaign, which gives advertisers on TikTok auto-targeting, auto-bidding and auto-creative tools, the company also announced “Performance Automation.”

Still in the early stages of testing, Performance Automation takes advertisers’ assets, budget and goals and uses AI to select the best creative asset to help deliver the best campaign to the right consumer at the best time.

Following this performance automation vision, TikTok also announced “TikTok Shop Marketing Automation.” which will provide automated bidding, budgeting, ad management and creative for TikTok Shop products.

According to the announcement, the company stated that 61% of users have made a purchase either directly on TikTok or after seeing an ad, and also revealed that 59% of users use TikTok to decide which game to download next and that 52% of users research cars because of TikTok content they have seen.

The company is bulking up its ad business despite its potential ban or sell-off in the United States after President Joe Biden signed a bill last month that TikTok has said it will fight.

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