Daily Online Examiner Editions for May 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 12, 2016
Verizon Fights Tough Broadband Privacy Proposal
Facebook's Trending Topics Relies On Human Editors, Leaked Documents Show
Social Media Linked To Eating Disorders
Charter Gets Final Approval To Acquire Time Warner Cable
FBI Expects More Battles Over Locked Phones
A Look Behind Snapchat's Corporate Curtain
Here's A Thought: Stop Getting Your News From Facebook
FBI Director Won't Rush Clinton Email Inquiry
Explain It Like I'm Eight: First- Vs. Third-Party Data
Google's Nest Moves To Advance Connected Homes
FTC Reportedly Re-Evaluating Google Search Practices For Abuse
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 11, 2016
FCC Chairman Warns Senate Against 'Retreat From Privacy'
Google Prohibits Ads For Payday Loans
Men Trump Women As Ad Targets In 2016
Consumers Value Ad-Supported Web At $100 Per Month, Would Use It Less If They Had To Pay
Illogical Entertainment Consumer Brain: A la Carte TV Is Dead
Netflix Urged To Stop Blocking VPN Users
IAB CEO: Adblock Plus Is An Extortion-Based Business
ICO Highlights New EU Privacy Laws As An Opportunity To Build Trust
Man Who Claims to Have Invented Email Sues Gawker for $35M
Paris Woman Commits Suicide On Periscope
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 10, 2016
ANA To Oppose 'Overly Restrictive' Broadband Privacy Rules
Verizon And ESPN Settle Battle Over Skinny Bundle
Facebook Denies 'Conservative' Content Kibosh
Senate Commerce Committee Investigates Whether Facebook 'Misleads The Public'
AT&T Expands Gigabit Broadband Service
Really? Half Of Brits Can't Identify Search Ads? (No, Not Really.)
Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Celebrity Email Accounts to Steal Scripts & Personal Data
Microsoft Closing Chinese Web Portal
Akron Police Issue Warning Over Spam Email
Baidu To Add 'Credibility' To Search Ranking Algorithm After Cancer Death
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 9, 2016
Twitter Escalates Battle With U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Pay-Per-Click Marketers Urge Supreme Court To Turn Away Google
Ex-Commerce Department Official Joins Future Of Privacy Forum
Opera Launches Ad-Blocking Virtual Private Network For iOS
Adblock Plus Reaches 100 Million Active Installations
Google Employee Data Breached in Email Mistake
NY Sees Uptick in Data Breaches
Parents' Smartphone Use Impacts Children's Conversation Skills
Use Of Limit-Ad-Tracking Feature Drops As Ad Blocking Grows
Wanna Know What Customers Want? Why Not Just Ask Them?
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 6, 2016
Charter Wins FCC Approval To Acquire Time Warner Cable And Bright House
Facebook Can't Shake Privacy Suit Over 'Faceprints'
Lawmakers Oppose FCC Proposal To 'Unlock' Cable Boxes
Challenges, Benefits Of First-Party Data In Search Campaigns
MediaPost Seeks To Unseal Records In FTC's Battle With Amazon
Copyright Enforcer Swamped Verizon With 'Invalid' Takedown Notices
When The Great Big Story Is Not The News
Massive Data Breach May Be Fake
UK Group Calls On Lawyers To Stop Sending Sensitive Information Via Email
Apple Watch Used To Unlock Doors, Start Car
Betty White Adds Humor To Intel Security Password Day Efforts
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 5, 2016
Senate To Grill FCC And FTC On Broadband Privacy
Uber Sued Over Unwanted Political Messages
Print's Demise Means News Brands Must Go Native And Ban Those Blockers
You May Want To Change Your Email Password
Opportunities Abound For Telcos To Jump Into Ad Tech
Netflix Lets App Users Control Data Consumption
End-to-End Encryption: Everyone Is Listening
Council Formed To Address IoT Security, Privacy
Privacy Campaigners Concerned Over Google's Access To NHS Records
Old Navy Blows Off Trolls Complaining About Interracial Ad
Clinton May Have to Testify in Email Case
Hulu Confirms 'Live' Network View Plan
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 4, 2016
SEC Wants To Access Emails Without Warrants
Trump Supporters Most Aggressive Online
Privacy Watchdog Calls Out Three Mobile App Developers
Ad-Blocking Villains Add Hush Money To Their Protection Racket
One In 10 Broadband Customers Changed Providers Last Year
Missouri Lawmakers Consider New Limits On Muni-Broadband
Politics Will Have Wide-Ranging Advertising Impact
Uber Delivers 15,000 Emails To Australian Government Via Horse And Buggy
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Lawmakers Parrot MPAA, Say Unlocked Set-Top Boxes Could Boost Piracy
Adblock Taps Flattr For Publisher Payments
Appeals Court Won't Reconsider Decision In Favor Of Backpage
Google Reports Site Hacks Rose 180% In 2015
Online Retailers Challenge New South Dakota Tax Law
Google Moves Forward With Fiber Plans In Louisville
Facebook Gives 10-Year-Old $10,000 For Discovering Instagram Bug
MIT Research Finds Online, Offline Pricing Often Identical
Ad Fraud Wreaks Havoc On Measurement
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 2, 2016
Clear Channel Faces New Questions Over 'Spying Billboards'
Publishers Split On Ad Blocking Response
Gannett Must Face Video Privacy Lawsuit
Online Video Is Shaping The Race To The White House
Michigan Judges Consider Whether Privacy Law Applies To Streaming Media
Ad Blocking And The Free Web -- Time To Educate And Evolve
Brazilian Judge Orders Whatsapp Blocked For 72 Hours
Bing Rejected 250 Million Ads, Banned Thousands In 2015
Bernie Sanders Campaign Drops Lawsuit Against DNC
Ad Blocker Consideration Rises To 90% In APAC
Can Broadcasters Head Off The Cannibals?
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