Email Marketing Daily Editions for March 2017
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 17, 2017
Judge Rejects Settlement in Google Email Scanning Case
Verizon To Deactivate 4.5M Email Addresses
The Millennial Mystique
Gmail Users Can Now Stream Video In Emails
Beware Of Tax Phishing Scams, Says IRS
Email: Dying Platform Or A Worthy Investment?
Relevant Content: The Next Frontier For Email Marketing
Marketers Urged To Try 'Newsjacking': Tying Their Emails To The News
Email Can Help Plug Ecommerce Abandonment
Marketers Are Not Fully Confident In Their Mastery Of Mobile
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 16, 2017
Entice Email Subscribers With A Pot O' Gold
Senate Would Hobble FCC Privacy Rules Even in the Future
Urban Airship Expands Web Push Notifications, Complements Email
Six Mother's Day Marketing Campaigns
Four Reasons Why Email Campaigns Fail
10 Tips For Creating Email Messages With A Message
How To Not Annoy People With Your Email Marketing Campaign
Help From Hal: The Next Wave of AI
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Getting Too Personal: The Peril Of The Internet of Things
Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga, Turns To CRM
Yahoo Hacker Orchestrated Ad Scams, DOJ Says
Amplify Boosts Revenue, Email Engagement With Salesforce
Minimalist Emails: How Brands Cash In On The Trend
Email Marketing Just Got A Massive ROI Blessing In Disguise
Email Newsletter Raises $300,000
Email Scam Warning Was Only A 'Test'
Higher Engagement For Emails Without Offers
First Rule Of Email -- Get Their Name Right
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Google Announces Email Pay Feature; Paypal Shares Drop
Hashed Email Subscriber Data Can Generate Revenue
Google Chrome Scam Targets Credit Card Data
Triggered Emails Can Drive B2B Ecommerce, Expert Says
Loyalty Marketers Urged to Build Mobile Databases
48 Million Twitter Accounts Are Bots: DM News
Trigger Happy: AdRoll On Dynamic Email
Saying 'Thank You' Increases Email Response Rates
Optimizing Experiences For The Connected Consumer
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 13, 2017
Springbot Releases Ecommerce Scorecard To Help SMB Marketers
Email Marketing Volume Rose In Q4 2016: Experian
Loyalty Most Powerful Email Promotion, Shipping Least
The Problem With Gmail Clipping, And How To Get Around It
Virgin Media Email Subscribers Are Blocked Again
Merchants Stop $1 Billion In Fraud: Emailage
Personalisation Boosts Conversions For More Than Four In Five Email Marketers
Duck The Spam Folder With Seven Hidden Metrics: The Return Path Study
Meet Smart Email App Astro
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 10, 2017
Industry Insiders Weigh In On Watson/Einstein Partnership
Case Study: How A Retailer Used Real-Time Personalization
Could A Chat Bot Alleviate Inbox Overload?
Marketing Automation Can Boost Email Campaigns
Huffington Post On Why Email Campaigns Fail
Optimizing Digital Marketing Performance To Drive Business Performance
Nearly Half Of Email Marketers To Invest In Dynamic Offers
Dynamic Targeting Is Coming And It's Personalisation On Real-Time Steroids
West Africa Is A Hub Of Email Scam Artists: Report
Delivering The Goods: Backing Up Your Emails With Good Customer Service
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 9, 2017
Has The CIA Killed Encryption For Mobile, Connected Devices?
Report Finds Both Heightened Email Engagement, Rising Spam Rates
Equifax Launches Ignite, Analytics Portfolio With Apps
Sprint Moves Direct/Email Marketing Inhouse
That Fine Line: Supporting A Cause Vs. Pandering
WikiLeaks' Assange To Help Tech Firms Plug Data Holes
Is Your Email List Safe From Hacking?
A Behavioral Economist Tries to Fix Email
IBM Stores Data On A Single Atom
Email Marketers Need Identity Management, Expert Says
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Flake Seeks To Reverse FCC Privacy Rules
Einstein Goes Live, Teams Up With Watson
Women Will Become Your Lifelong Loyalists-If You Email Them
Monday Email Headers Contain The Most Mistakes
Email Ranks Far Down the List of Gripes in Colorado
Arizona Residents Hit By Email Banking Scam
Forced Email Signups: An Ecommerce Deal Breaker
Stackla Brings UGC To Email Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 7, 2017
SendGrid Acquires Bizzy, Takes Aim At MailChimp
RedPoint Global Launches Customer Engagement Hub
IBM and Salesforce Team Up To Provide Emailers With AI
Spammers Leak Billions Of Email Records: Forbes
Split-Screen Email Surveys
Email Tops In Driving B2B Leads: Study
Let's Admit It: Clinton's Emails Were Never About The Emails
The Value Of URL Keywords
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 6, 2017
Lenovo Uses Personalized Videos in Email Campaign
Email Marketing For Hotels: What They're Doing
Tips For Boosting Email Open Rates
Information Commissioner Reminds Data Practitioner Conference Of New Consumer Rights
Google Extension Allows Images on Home Page
Email And The Digital Future: What Econstancy Found
Act-On Releases Machine-Learning Tech To Aid Marketers
GDPR Shocker -- Did Email Marketers Just Win A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?
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