Marketing Politics Daily Editions for July 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, July 29, 2016
The Stage Is Set: Clinton vs. Trump
Trump Wants To Hit DNC Critics
Clinton Promises To Heal Divided Nation
Moody's: Clinton Economic Plan Will Create 10M Jobs, Trump Will Lose 3M Jobs
DNC Warms Clinton's Image, Can Trump Get A Makeover?
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, July 28, 2016
"Working Together" To Avoid The Trump Disaster
'Voter Registration' Google Searches Up 190% After DNC Day 3
Trump Invites Russia To Find 'Missing' Clinton Emails
Big Money Democratic Donors Back To The Fore At DNC
Meredith TV Sees Rise In Political, Digital Ads
Thrilla In Phila., Day 3: Dems Put The Party In 'Political Party'
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, July 27, 2016
DNC Day Two: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Up Close and Personal
George Will Suggests Trump Won't Release Tax Returns Because of Russian Connection
Ladies' First
100+ Sanders Supporters Walk Out Of DNC On Day Two
Thrilla In Phila., Day 2: Idiotic Celebrities And One Masterful Speaker
Elizabeth Banks Spoofs Trump's Entrance At RNC
Privacy Group Sides Against CNN, Argues MAC Addresses Are 'Personally Identifiable'
Federal Agencies Not Ready For Internet Of Things, Says Report
Facebook Knocked For Scrubbing DNC Email Dump
Amazon Tests Drone Delivery With British Government
ITV Profits Are Up But Cuts Planned Due To Brexit Uncertainty
CNN Posts Best DNC Day 1 Results
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Thrilla In Phila., Day 1: Comedian Wags Finger, Lectures Democrats
DNC Day 1: Democratic Powerhouses Send Message Of Hope
NEW! People Refuse To Repeat Things Trump Says
"Hillary's America" Movie Breaks Into Top 10 At Box Office
When Evolution (And Democracy) Get It Wrong
Sen. Cory Booker Gives Speech Likened To Obama's 2004 DNC Address
More Negative TV Spots Against Trump Than Clinton
Political Dramas: Better Candidate Squabbles, More Advertising Money?
Trump's Site Fails Security Challenge
Tegna Sees Higher Retrans Revs; Political TV Ads Dip
Clinton Demanded Social Media Passwords For VP Prospects' Families
John Kerry Meets With Russian Diplomat to Discuss DNC Email Hack
Subaru Ads Mock Malaysian Prime Minister
China Bans Independent News
DNC Apologizes To Sanders Camp Over Most Recent Email Scandal
Facebook Admits to Blocking Leaked DNC Emails
FBI Investigating DNC Email Hack
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, July 25, 2016
Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In A Haze Of Controversy
GOP Convention TV Ratings Spike For Finale
Trump Stands By 'Friend' Roger Ailes
Where's The Politically Devastating Streaming Video?
'Think Progress' Will Move To Medium Platform
Ambassador Stevens' Mother Asks GOP To Stop Using Son's Name
Fear of Buying
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed Off Stage At DNC Breakfast
Ed Vaizey Is Right -- Ad Industry Needs To Be A Loud Voice In Our Brexit Fiasco
Live Streaming, The (Political) Conventional Way
A Month After Brexit Vote, Ad Industry Must Decide
Ad Industry Needs To Get On New Minister's Radar, Warns Ed Vaizey
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, July 22, 2016
The Ladies And The Trump
What Did Bernie Sanders Think Of Trump's Speech?
The New GOP Populism: America On A Precipice
Cleveland Trump Show, Day 4: Candidate Gracelessly Accepts Nomination
Cenk Uygur, Alex Jones, Roger Stone Engage In Intense Yelling Match At RNC
How Pokemon Can Win The Election For Hillary #PokemonGoVote
Clinton Campaign Collects Email Addresses With Trump Yourself Campaign
Political Awareness In The Facebook Age
Publicis More Worried By U.S. Economy Than Brexit
'Rock the Vote?' More Like, 'Meh the Vote'
EU Referendum Gave Newspapers A Boost In June
Time To Play The Trump Card
Pro-Remain Paper, 'The New European,' Is Off To A Promising Start
Brexit Proves Mixed Blessing For UK Newspapers
New Culture Minister Promises To Listen To Ad Industry's Brexit Concerns
It's Official: Roger Ailes Is Out At Fox
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, July 21, 2016
Cruz Speaks But Doesn't Endorse, Pence Officially Accepts VP Spot
Fox Tops GOP Convention Ratings, TV Rivals See Uptick
GSP Launches Anti-Trump Campaign, 'Our America'
Cruz Defends Non-Endorsement Of Trump To Texas Delegation
Politics Propels 'Atlantic' July/August Coverage To Unprecedented Second Print Run
Trump Denies Report That He Offered Kasich VP Spot
Trump Employee Offered To Resign After Melania's Speech
Brexit Won't Lead To Drastic Downturn, PwC Says
America's Most Media-Savvy Candidate Ever
The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 3: As Ted Talked, GOP Lost Cruz Control
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, July 20, 2016
It's Official: Trump Is GOP Presidential Nominee
Captain Morgan: Let Millennials Run For President
Clinton May Announce VP Pick Friday
Flat Chested? No Way You Can Be A 10
Queen Not Happy Trump Used "We Are The Champions"
Clinton Has 76% Chance Of Winning In November
Norovirus Hits Republican Convention In Cleveland
Clinton Email Attacks Republicans on White Supremacy
Clinton Admits That Email Scandal Hasn't Helped Campaign
NY Times is Suing DOJ to Release
Turkey Blocks WikiLeaks After Site Publishes Government Emails
Brazilian Judge Tells Carriers To Block WhatsApp
The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 2: Where's The Showmanship?
DOJ LOL: Justice Department Throws Shade On CNN In Tweet
WhatsApp-ening in Brazil?
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, July 19, 2016
RNC Day One: #NeverEverHillary
Google Voter Registration Search Feature Becomes Available Just In Time
Stephen Colbert Channels Colbert Report Character, Joined By Jon Stewart
Trump Is The Kind of Candidate The Media Wanted
Popsugar Expands Partnership With ABC For Conventions Coverage
Trump Made Epic Entrance On First Day Of GOP Convention
Trump's Social Media Posts Beat Clinton's, Hands Down
Twitter Buzzes With RNC Opening
Melania Trump's Speech Resembles Parts Of Michelle Obama's Convention Speech in 2008
The Cleveland Trump Show, Day 1: Making Special Effects Great Again
Clinton Lawyers Ask Judge to Drop Request For Clinton Deposition
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, July 18, 2016
The GOP Gather, But It Is Donald Trump's Convention
Stephen Colbert Hijacks GOP Convention Stage Night Before Event
A Puppy For President?
Some Conservative Hispanic Leaders Relent, Decide To Support Trump
Social Media Helped Defeat Turkish Coup
Hillary Clinton To Speak At NAACP Conference In Ohio
Clinton's Reputation Damaged by Email Scandal: AP Poll
FCC Chief's Plan For New Set-Top Box Rules Loses Key Support
Clinton Polls Drop Amid Email Investigations, But She Still Leads
Ash Carter Won't be Investigated for Personal Email Use at Work
Foreign Countries Looking To Serve Search Warrants On U.S. Tech Firms
Regulators Pave Way For Telecoms To Eliminate DSL Broadband
Uber Ice Cream Launch Postponed In The Wake Of The Nice Attack
White House Invests $400 Million in IoT, Wireless; Expects 5-Second HD Movie Download
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