Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for September 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Sept. 23, 2022
Don't Even Think About It
TikTok Updates Its Policies To Further Restrict Political Ads, Donations
Stagwell Launches 'Risk And Reputation Unit,' Led Personally By CEO Penn
IPG NewsGuard Exclusive Ending, Others Can Use TV News Ratings Beginning In January
CNN Taps Tapper In Primetime Overhaul
Florida Asks Supreme Court To Take Up Battle Over Social Media 'Censorship'
Senators Advance Bill Requiring Google And Facebook To Subsidize News
2 Steps To Change The World
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Sept. 16, 2022
Let's Get Them Today, Then
Congressional Report Cites UM, Others For 'Greenwashing' Fossil Fuel
Expert Reveals How Fossil Fuel Marketers 'Over-Index' Their Green Reputations
In $3B Giveaway, Patagonia Redefines Brand Purpose
MyPillow Guy: Who Needs A Phone When You Own Fox News In Prime-Time
'Dark Patterns' Trick Consumers Into Sharing Data, Making Purchases, FTC Report Says
Detroit Auto Show Returns With Biden Visit
FTC Wants Platforms To Crack Down On Fake Reviews
Elizabeth Ralph Named New Editor Of 'Politico' Magazine
Funeral For Queen Elizabeth Will Be Huge, Global TV Event
California Sues Amazon Over Pricing Policies
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022
Ad Biz Practices What It Preaches, Er, I Mean Votes
Analysis Finds 'Issues' Ads Approaching Two-Thirds Of Political Ad Spending
Cuomo's Not-So-Long Journey Back To 'Prime' Time
GAO Calls For Sweeping Online Privacy Law
IAB: More Than Half Of Ad Data Signals Already Lost, Warns Legislation Is Greatest Threat
Bloomberg Media Is Gearing Up In DC Prior To Elections
Pinterest Tackles Self-Doubt And Internet-Induced Anxiety In Ad Campaign
Google Faces U.K., EU Class Action Suits Over Claims It Deprived Publishers Of Ad Revenue
Pharrell Williams, Edelman Launch New Advocacy Agency
Children's Advocates Seek Senate Vote On Bills To Regulate Social Media
Texas-Led Coalition Can Proceed With Some Antitrust Claims Against Google
JCPA Is Headed For Another Scheduled Markup This Week
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Sept. 9, 2022
God Save The Norm
Google Exclusivity And DOJ's Battle Over Search
White House Backs New Privacy Laws, Section 230 Overhaul
Why The FTC Should Pause On Any Commercial Surveillance And Data Security Rulemaking
Klobuchar Shelves Bill Allowing Newspapers To Bargain With Platforms, Blames Censorship Amendment
New Research Helps Explain Confusion About COVID Masks
Too Many Political Ads This Season? It Could Mean TV Stations Cashing In
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022
Wide Blue Yonder: Profits, That Is
'Washington Post' And Newsy To Air Weekly Election Show
Judge Sides Against Facebook In Battle Over Washington State Political Ads
Too Many Political Ads This Season? It Could Mean TV Stations Cashing In
Yahoo Acquires The Factual, Adds Credibility Ratings To News Service
Coalition Urges Senate To Kill Journalism Competition And Preservation Act Bill
Dealing With Daily Doom
Missouri AG Seeks Emails Sent By Journalism Professors
Sandy Hook Promise PSA Wins Commercial Emmy