• Alternative Is Cool (and Hot)
    As TV and the Internet battle for ad dollars, a new kid on the block is stealing the show. Spending on new types of out-of-home media, such as digital billboards and video screens, climbed 27 percent last year to $1.69 billion, according to media research firm PQ Media. That trend is expected to continue in 2007, with 28 percent growth, says the company.
  • Will This Card Wow Them?
    Even Orc-slaying Night Elves need to put down their swords once in a while to refill on Diet Coke and pizza at the local 7-Eleven.
  • The Joost Juggernaut
    CBS and viacom are putting their money where their video is. Both have taken equity stakes in Joost, the online TV service launched by the creators of Skype and Kazaa.
  • NBC Nixes the 30-Second Spot
    NBC Universal decided to bring some Law & Order to the Wild West of Web video advertising in May when it set the standard length for a video clip at 15 seconds or less.
  • Sponsors' Next Act
    It's what radio listeners have always wished for - no more commercials.
  • A Bevy of Boxes
    When Akimbo in April announced it was making its video-on-demand service available via PC, it looked like another step backward for delivering the Internet via TV.
  • A Niche of Their Own
    Move over, Field & Stream. Take notice, Guns & Ammo. Blogger & Podcaster has arrived. Yes, Web 2.0 auteurs now have their own magazine, courtesy of multimedia publisher Larstan Publishing Inc.
  • Will Ads Be the Answer?
    Robin Kent is back in the groove. After being forced out as chief executive of ad-supported music service SpiralFrog late last year, Kent has started an agency catering to the digital music business. Co-founded with former SpiralFrog colleague Lance Ford, Rebel Digital will sell advertising and create marketing plans for online music outlets.
  • Seeing Web 2.0 Clearly
    Clear channel is tuning into web 2.0, starting a dozen social networking sites for radio stations it owns in major markets. The effort began with the roll-out of social sites for seven contemporary-hit radio stations in cities including San Francisco, New York and Dallas in late April.
  • No Wasted Seconds
    You're standing in the neighborhood coffee shop waiting for your morning latte boost. Would you rather be reading the paper, glaring at the barista while signaling him to foam faster, or watching a TV set with localized content from Yahoo, ESPN or CBS?
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