• Dishing: The Games People Play
    It's been almost 20 years since Robert Fulghum published his book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, which correctly reminded us that we can learn a lot from seeing the world through the experiences and ground rules of our childhood.
  • Too Close to Call?
    After a series of setbacks, HD DVD won a round in the high-def DVD format war in August when Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation chose HD DVD over Blu-ray.
  • It's an Avalanche!
    Call it Madison Avenue's snowball effect. A year ago, Travelers Insurance debuted a visually arresting ad showing a man who trips while walking down a San Francisco street. As he tumbles forward, he sweeps up everything in his path - another couple, a table, a bride and groom, a car - creating a giant ball of debris.
  • Java with a Side of Jokes
    A new DVD set from NBC Universal, "Saturday Night Live: The Best of '06/'07," went on sale exclusively at Starbucks outlets in the last week of August. But it may prove as popular as a Venti hot chocolate on a steamy summer day.
  • High Recall at the Mall
    Riding a wave of interest in digital video advertising, Adspace Networks in August raised a $20 million round of financing led by private equity fund The Walnut Group. AdSpace, a video display network that operates digital displays in 75 malls nationwide, plans to expand to 100 locations by year's end.
  • They Just Don't Get It
    Republican presidential candidates aren't exactly clamoring for their turn at the CNN/YouTube "People's Debate." Mitt Romney expressed doubts about the "respectfulness" of the format and reluctance "to answer questions from a snowman" (as candidates did during the Democratic CNN/YouTube debate).
  • Who's Not Who
    Wikipedia has become the go-to source for a huge range of factoids and the digital equivalent of Who's Who for the 21st century. Anybody who's anybody has their own entry, right?
  • Madison Ave Goes Green
    Socially responsible marketing and branding campaigns: That's the mission of Turf, a New York agency that recently relaunched, with an eye on the burgeoning green movement. It's a niche that more agencies are likely to pursue as consumers increasingly demand eco-friendly products and services.
  • Does NBC Need Fresh Air?
    Is oxygen headed to the altar with NBC Universal? That's a rumor that surfaced last month in various news accounts. The female-oriented cable network with 73 million subscribers has long had a "For Sale" sign up, openly pursuing deals in the past with potential buyers like CBS and Viacom.
  • Yet Another Awards Show
    Gemstar-TV guide International in June announced it would hold the TV Guide Online Video Awards later this year to recognize "the best and most innovative professional video programming, created specifically for the Web."
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