Real-Time Daily Editions for November 2014
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014
Programmatic: Everyone Uses It, Not Many Trust It (Yet)
Yahoo Acquires BrightRoll For $640 Million To Strengthen Programmatic Video Advertising
Latest Research -- And What's In It For Agencies
Agency Trust In Programmatic Growing
Programmatic TV Is Coming, Thanks To The Millennials
Google DoubleClick Technology Protects Advertisers From Buying Hidden Ads
Post-Beaconing Begins; Location Info Captured Now, Used Later
Adara Launches Travel Ad Platform Fueled By Big Data
Adform Adds comScore vCE Metrics To DSP
Canoe Serves 10 Billionth Ad (That's Billion With A 'B')
Malcy Joins TV Audience Targeting Company Visible World
Channel 4 Launches Programmatic Catch-Up Service
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014
Racing From The Bottom: 75% Of Brands Now Using Programmatic
MediaMath Acquires Rare Crowds To Polish Audience Targeting
Marketers Caught Between A Rock (TV) And A Hard Place (Digital)
Videology Expands Partnership With LiveRamp To Include Mobile Targeting
Unilever Wants To Pay Only For Online Ads People Actually See
Sky Italia Moves 70% Of Brand Advertising To Programmatic
How Publishers Can Handle Inefficiencies in Online Video Advertising
Marin Integrates Yahoo Gemini Data Into Platform
Airpush, MobFox Team To Form Private Mobile Ad Exchange
The Ad Sentiment Index
U.S. Marketers To Spend $103 Billion On Interactive Media By 2019
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Nov. 10, 2014
Real-Time With Turn's Westover On How Brands Should Tackle Big Data
Google, AOL's Convertro, Visual IQ Named 'Leaders' In Cross-Channel Attribution
Programmatic TV Is A Job Creator
Ozone Media Taps Beri As First COO
Trust But Verify: That's An Online Ad Phrase Now
Millennial Media Reports Q3 Revenue Of $69.8M, Continues Shift To Programmatic
Wearable Tech Catching On Fast
YuMe Taps Bindra For Programmatic Ops Amid Q3 Earnings
Google Aiming To Spend 60% Of Digital Marketing Via Programmatic
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Nov. 7, 2014
What RTB Can Learn From Fast Food
Mobile RTB Continues To Surge, As Does Rich Media Use
AccuWeather Partners With DMP Lotame For Audience Data
Global Ads Help AOL Revs Soar 12%
The Ad Sentiment Index
Visible Measures' Focus On Ad Tech Has Cost Human Jobs
Coca-Cola Talks Of Global Tech Start-Up Network Plans
On-Target, Off-Message: Political Advertising Looking For Something To Say
Solving The Unsold Inventory Conundrum
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014
AOL: Automating Online? Programmatic Now 37% Of AOL's Revenue
AppNexus Announces 'Certified Supply' Program To Combat Fraud; DoubleVerify, Integral Will Validate Impressions
Programmatic & Big Data Nerds: It's Marathon, Not Sprint
Eyeview Launches Weather Tracker; Programmatically Alters Creative Based On Weather Conditions
'Alex From Target' Proves The Point That Sometimes There Isn't Any
Multichannel Ad Tech Platform 1pel Appoints Carter As COO
Hyperbabble Of The Day
AppNexus Launches Mobile App For Ad Management On The Go
Could Paid Social Help Authorities Combat The Threat Of Terror Recruits?
The Ad Sentiment Index
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014
Adroit Now Selling - And Predicting - Audiences Following Arcametrics Acquisition
Adgorithms Launches Self-Serve Version Of Programmatic Platform
Xaxis And Vivaki Claim Shift To In-House Programmatic 'Not Happening'
Exchange Lab Adds Adbrain To DSP Roster
Gartner Predicts 17% Digital Marketing Uplift Next Year
ChoiceStream Launches 'Programmatic Native' Platform
ITV Exec Says Fraud Keeping TV Out Of Programmatic
Grapeshot Snags Page From Rubicon Project To Head Platform Sales
Could Paid Social Help Authorities Combat The Threat Of Terror Recruits?
Polar Taps Moat For Viewability
The Messy World Of IoT Data
Sideswipes: Building Audience Through Admiration
Native Can Deliver Great Performance Across Sales Funnel
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014
Rocket Fuel Challenges Ad Industry To Take The 'Quality Challenge'
Xaxis, Disqus Launch Programmatic Native Platform For Sponsored Comments
How To Price Programmatic Inventory
Australian Publishers Team To Launch Private Mobile Exchange
Targeting vs Reach - Can Programmatic Help Video Overcome The Ultimate Catch-22?
STRATA Plugs Into iSocket For 'Programmatic Direct' Access
Martin Sorrell Says Publicis' Acquisition Of Sapient Was The Behavior Of A Jilted Lover
Iponweb Taps Digilant Co-Founder Woodman As GM Of Demand Solutions
Sapient To Become Publicis.Sapient - Will Lead Publicis Groupe's Digital Transformation Efforts
Update: Nielsen Catalina Purchase Data Not A Factor In Choice Hotels' Simulmedia TV Targeting
ITV Exec Says Fraud Keeping TV Out Of Programmatic
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Nov. 3, 2014
Paving The Way For A 'Programmatic Direct' Future
IAB Unveils Standard API For 'Programmatic Direct' Trading
The Three Pillars Of Programmatic
Australia's MCN Taps AOL's To Create Private Programmatic TV Exchange
Publicis And Sapient Announce A Marriage Made In Data
Foxtel Takes Programmatic Video In-House With TubeMogul
Big Video Data: The Value Of Going Viral
TAG, Woolley's It: Former DMA Chief To Head 'Trustworthy' Project
AppNexus Finalizes Open AdStream Acquisition, Closes $110M Round
Supply Chain Needs Improvements To Root Out Programmatic Fraud
Update: Nielsen Catalina Purchase Data Not A Factor In Choice Hotels' Simulmedia TV Targeting
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