Real-Time Daily Editions for December 2014
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014
2015 Programmatic Predictions
Programmatic Direct's Big Year
New App Turns Ad Blocking Into Social Game
What Would Don Draper Say About Programmatic?
The Trouble With CTR As A Campaign Metric
Media Stocks Soared To Double-Digit Gains In 2014
Facebook Won't Face Class-Action For 'Invalid' Clicks
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014
Ad Tech M&As Trumped IPOs In 2014
Email Remains Dominant Technology For Work, 'Social' Is An Also-Ran
The Trouble With CTR As A Campaign Metric
Mark Inskip Appointed CEO of WPP's The Futures Company
Programmatic Direct's Big Year
New App Turns Ad Blocking Into Social Game
'NY Times' Chief Thompson On The 'Hot Seat' As Programmatic, Mobile Reshape Digital Ads
The Streisand Effect And 'The Interview'
The Internet is Killing Us - One Pixel at a Time
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Dec. 29, 2014
The Best And Worst Programmatic Predictions Of 2014
What Would Don Draper Say About Programmatic?
When Machines Meet Mad Men
WideOrbit Acquires Castfire For On-Demand Monetization
Facebook, NFL Team For Video-Sharing Effort
People Believe Their Own Lies On Social Media
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Dec. 26, 2014
Media Trends 2015: Precision TV, Everyday Memes, And Media With 'Pace And Purpose'
When Machines Meet Mad Men
Consolidation In Social Media Tech
The Next Big Thing(s) For Online Advertising: Predictions for 2015
Sterling Brands Foresees Less Stuff, More Privacy, And Smarter Commerce
Tech Ads Connect With Relatability, Relevance
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014
Over 80% Of All Industry Players Used Programmatic In 2014
Nielsen Joins Moasis As CMO
Media Trends 2015: Precision TV, Everyday Memes, And Media With 'Pace And Purpose'
Twitter Adds Mobile Analytics To App
Top Brand Tweets Of 2014
In 2015, It's Time To Turn Words Into Action
2015: Top 5 Predictions For Marketers
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014
Programmatic TV's Busy Month Sets Stage For 2015 And Beyond
In Mobile, Timing Is Everything
A Case For Partnering With The Best
Oracle Buys Datalogix In Quest To Be A Data Powerhouse
Oracle's Datalogix Acquisition Automates Real-Time Bridges To Enterprise, Search Engines, Social Sites
Facebook 2014: Uptick In Share Price, Major Growth In Instagram
More Connected Devices Driving Desire For Tech Support
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Dec. 22, 2014
The 'In-House Trend' Was Written On The Wall
Over Half Of Video Ads Bought Via RTB Contain 'Misaligned' Data, Study Finds
The Year In Re: View
Oracle To Acquire Datalogix, Extend Data Cloud To Offline Purchases
Cleaning The Dust Off TV Preconceptions
Retailers Waste More Than Half Of Digital Budgets On Bot Traffic
Biggest Brands Led U.S. Ad Slowdown, Autos Plummeted Through Q3
A Metrics Miracle
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Dec. 19, 2014
AmEx Taking Its Programmatic Goal Seriously
SMG Launches Location Analytics Platform With PlaceIQ
For Programmatic To Matter, It Must Reach The SMB Level
Time Inc. Taps IFTTT For Multichannel Distribution
Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics And Black Friday
IAB Says Q3 2014 Online Ad Revenue Reaches $12.4 Billion
Shifting Media Business From Outputs To Outcomes Will Break A Lot Of Eggs
Hewlett-Packard Wants More Control Of Its Programmatic Buying
Starcom MediaVest Taps PlaceIQ for Mobile Data
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014
Programmatic Video Complexity Still Baffles The Industry
Behavioral Targeting Boosts Viewability Rates, Study Finds
Facebook Ads Nearly Ruined My Christmas Gifts
'Tis The Season For...?
PubMatic Names Malloy VP Of Global Agency Relations
Big Data? What About Using The Data You Already Have Better?
IAB Says Q3 2014 Online Ad Revenue Reaches $12.4 Billion
What You CAN'T Expect in 2015
Vungle Adds 4 Demand Partners To In-App Video Exchange
Mobile DSP Adelphic Raises $11 Million In Series B
Yahoo Positions Gemini For Mobile-First Future Focused On Personalization, Wearable Tech
Twitter Expected To Partner With Foursquare
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014
Brands Taking Ownership Of Data And Tech Changing The Marketplace
IAB: Marketers Should Aim For 70% Viewability In 2015
Search (Programmatic) Agency of the Year: The Media Kitchen
Havas Taps FuturesMedia For 'Programmatic TV' Access
Facebook Is Dropping Bing So It Can Turn Search Queries Into Better Targeted Ads
Fox Acquires Consumer Attention Market-Maker true[X], Vows To Keep It Independent
Ditto Labs Brings Image Recognition To Social Audience Targeting
Connexity Rolls Out Search Services To Drive Targeting Through Shopper Data
91% of Marketers Think Retargeted Ads Are as Effective as Email: AdRoll
Cross-Channel Campaigns Remain Challenging For Marketers
Ch-Ch-Ch Changes: Tomorrow's TV
Let's Shoot For 70% Viewability In 2015, IAB Says
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