Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for September 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015
Google's Internet Services: 2 Billion Lines Of Code
Google's Alphabet Will Force Advertisers To Rethink Local Business Models
How AdWords Filters Can Improve Campaigns
Driving Intent Through Guided Search On Pinterest
Rubicon Launches Argentina, Hungary Ad Co-Op, Publishers Compete For Search, Social Budgets
Google Hires Brain Scientist
Measurement: Data In & Data Out
Adobe Builds Advanced Programmatic Advertising Platform
Google Adopts Public Sector Vacation Policy
Mobile Shopping: 51% Want Location-Based Coupons, 45% Shopping Map
Ad Economy Continues To Recede, Even Digital Not Immune: Display Market Falls 7% During First Half
Facebook Enables Push Notifications For Mobile Chrome Users
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015
Why U.S. Apparel Retailers Paid A Higher Cost Per Click
Microsoft, 20th Century Fox Bring 'The Martian' Campaign To Bing, Skype
Forecast: Global Media Ad Spend Growth Slows
Auto Shoppers More Mobile Than Ever
Quick Tip: How To Set Up Web Site Call Conversions In AdWords
How Search Marketers Can Best Optimize Cost-Effective Facebook Campains
Facebook Works With Google For Push Notifications Through Chrome
Twitter: What Characteristics Of Promoted Video Content Shifts Behavior, Attitudes
My Career In Online Marketing: Lessons Learned From A Zig-Zag Path
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 14, 2015
Search, Email Tips To Ring In The Holiday Season, Prepare For 2016
Pinterest Pushes Visual Search Optimization To Bring In Search Ad Dollars
Google Hires Auto Veteran As CEO For Self-Driving Car Project
Images That Drive Action: Three Ways To Better Connect With Your Audience
Advertising Metrics Skewed By Ad-Blocking Software
Android OS Cyanogen To Use Microsoft Cortana
The Future Of Marketing As A Result Of The Self-Driving Car
ZO Cuts Forecast -- Again: Mobile Poised To Overtake Newspapers
Microsoft Runs Campaign Driving Edge Users To Bing
Russia Tightens Hold On Internet Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 11, 2015
Google Fiber Considers Bringing Services To Irvine, San Diego, Louisville, News Lights Fire Under Verizon
Google, Twitter Jointly Develop 'Instant Articles' For Publishers
Why Google and Twitter Are Ganging Up On Facebook, Snapchat And Apple
HelloToken, Intently Address Ad Blocking
Why Facebook M Is A Big Threat To Google
'Choice' In The Subject Line Boosts Engagement
Search May Still Be Too Complicated For SMBs
Mozilla Suggested Tiles Arrive
What Google Learns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015
Apple's 6 Most Recent And Interesting Search-Related Patents
Quantcast Uses Search Data To Forecast Intent, Target Display And Video Ads
GAO Stares Back At Facial Recognition
HookLogic Secures $15.5 Million Funding Round, Divests AutoHook
Search, Data, Targeting And The Sci-Fi Geek
Google Facing New Gmail Privacy Battle
Swirl Gets Patent for Location-Based Targeted Marketing with Beacons
A Window Into The Future Of The Web
Bing Releases Keyword Planner
How Harman, Wine Enthusiast Use Paid Search, PLAs to Standout From Competitors
Google DoubleClick Removes Ad Injectors
Beacons Used to Track In-Store Shopping
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015
Quick Search Surveys Serving Up In Query Results
Google Looks For DoubleClick Measurement Partners
Google's New Brand Launch: Function Driving Form
Voice Search, Touch Rule Next Iteration Of Apple TV
What Type Of Content Gets More Shares And Links?
Those SEO Secrets
Search Data For Same-Store Sales Finds Some Stability In August
What 'Marginal' ROI Reveals
Appeals Court Urged To Scuttle Google Privacy Settlement
Study Identifies Lack of Digital Know-How
What To Look For In A Pay-Per-Click Media Expert
Yahoo: IRS Denies Tax-Free Spinoff Request Of Alibaba
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015
Google Will Get $2 Of Every $5 Marketers Spend This Year On Digital Advertising In U.S.
Adblock Plus For iOS Finds Its Way Onto Browsers
Google's Latest Trust Challenges: Can It Avoid Evil-Doing?
Google Woos Football Advertisers With Search Offering
Why Marketers Using AdWords Should Rely On Deeper Insights
Google's New Brand Launch: Function Driving Form
How To Get Influencers To Pay Attention, Share Your Stuff
When Brand Marketers Don't Follow SEM Expert Advice
The Average Baby Boomer Market Doesn't Exist
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 4, 2015
Programmatic Search Makes Attribution Tough For Marketers
Google's Antitrust Inquiries Spread To India
Blue Coat Puts Google's .Zip TLD On Bad Neighbor List
Searching For Reviews Influences Buying Process
Google DoubleClick Takes Marketers To HTML5 School
Bing Appeals To NASCAR Fans
Google Hangouts Now A Business Tool
Chrome Competes By Using Less Memory
Court Approves $415 Million Settlement In Silicon Valley Anti-Poaching Case
Google Releases Street View As Standalone App
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015
Google Pushes Into Classrooms With Voice, Search, Track Changes In Docs
What's Next For The Ad Industry As It Adopts HTML5, Sunsets Flash
Using Non-Branded Keywords To Influence Branded Searches
Tech Giants Form Alliance For Open Media
Google Expands Health Data In Search Database, Along With Advertising Options
Former HP Germany Lead To Guide Searchmetrics
Google Pushes Brands To Stop Using Some In-App Interstitials
Notablist Is a Search Engine That Allows Marketers to Index Email Newsletters
Digital Engagement Index
Halloween Behavioral Treats, No Tricks
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015
Wikipedia Identifies, Bans Blackhat Editors
YouTube Adds TrueView Video Ads To AdWords Platform
Google Pushes Brands To Stop Using Some In-App Interstitials
App Downloads Slow, Brands Pressured To Make Apps Relevant For Users
Microsoft Releases Bing Ads For Android Devices
Web Browser Impressions Up, Interstitials High In Viewability
Recipe Search Engine Yummly Gets $15M
Digital Engagement Index
Amazon's Tap, Not Click, Ordering System
Supreme Court Urged To Let People Sue Data Aggregators Over Inaccurate Reports
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