Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for August 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 17, 2020
Mozilla Renews Google Search Deal
Internet Brands Inks Deal With AnyClip To Match Online Video With Content
Google Warns Australians Of Losing Free Search, Disrupting YouTube And Affecting Worldwide Services
Data Company Eyeota Enters New Zealand And Switzerland With GfK Launch Partner
How Wi-Fi Data Forecasts A Return To 'Normal' Amidst COVID-19
Humongous 1st-Party Platform Integrates With Google Data Hub, Enables 1-to-1 YouTube Matching
Most Consumers Want Their Health Data Shared Only With Permission Or Not At All
Why eMarketer Forecasts U.S. Programmatic DOOH To Reach Nearly $534 Million By 2022
Email Providers For Consumers Tired Of Gmail
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 14, 2020
COVID-19 Cozy: How Church's Chicken Got Closer To Consumers
Consumers Share 'Specific' Personal Data With Brands -- That May Change When They Discover Data Trusts
Amazon Alexa Skills Found To Leak Banking History, User Names, Phone Numbers
Interest Soars For 'WhatsApp,' 'Attention Analytics,' Declines For 'Price Sensitivity'
You're Missing 40% Of Your Audience. Here Are The Consequences
Cyber Security, Cloud Computing Most Useful Technologies During COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds
Husband Of Kamala Harris Part Of A Past $42M Lawsuit Over Taco Bell Chihuahua Mascot
Google Sheets Tips For SEOs
Google Adds Weather Alert Warnings
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 13, 2020
Google Server-Side Tagging Introduced To Improve Performance, Consumer Data Security
Foursquare 'Visits' Data Gains MRC Accreditation
Google's Waze Fuel Payment System Integrates With ExxonMobil, Shell
Google Tests Domain URLs That Aim To Help Prevent Scams, Phishing
YouTube Tops In Brand Safety, According To Mediabrands Report And Audit
TAG Taps Citigroup Vet To Head Threat Intelligence Program
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020
Retailers May Stop Using 'Black Friday' In Their Holiday Ads
With Ad Budgets Under The Microscope, Some Magnify Google Custom Bidding
YouTube's Measurement Program Takes On New Partners
National Brands Need Local Marketing Teams, COVID-19 Shows
Data Never Sleeps -- And Neither Do Consumers Who Use Devices
How Did Facebook Boycotters Spend Their July Budgets?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020
Google's Search Preference Menus Could Drive Its Mobile Market Share Down
Facebook Cites COVID-19 For Slow Response To Remove Misinformation, Hate Speech, Terrorism Posts
Adobe Data Shows How Much Ecommerce Changing Grocery Industry During COVID-19
TikTok Tracked User Data For 15 Months, WSJ Finds
MRC Scrubs Audit Of YouTube 3rd-Party Processors, Opens New Audit Of Google 1st-Party Process
How Performance Marketers Can Weather The Pandemic By In-Housing CX Skills, Technology
Fastbase Acquires LeadScoreApp, B2B Tracking, Email Automation Firm
LAMAR Advertising In Middle Of BLM Billboard Controversy
Coda Raises $80 Million, Hopes to Compete With Google's G-Suite
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 10, 2020
Hey Marketers, Consumers Believe Privacy Is A Human Right
Local Advertisers Take Over Facebook, Give National Brands The Brush-Off
Travel Returns, But Not How Marketers Might Expect
Google Makes Certain Words Taboo, Like 'Market Share' And 'Reach'
FTC Probe Of Mobile Ad Industry Puts Bidstream Data Under Microscope
How The Pandemic Is Accelerating B2B Digital Ad Spending
Google Hit With New Privacy Claims Over Audio Data
The Digital Declutter
Email Catches COVID-19: Retailers Are Using It Slightly Less For Acquisition
Creating A Website Becomes Top Of Mind, Per Survey
Google Email Tells Users It Is Opting Them Out Of Audio Storage
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 7, 2020
Third-Party Cookie Implosion As AI-Powered CDP Mixes With Customer Identity Data Expert
IAS Integrates With Google Ads Data Hub For Viewability, Brand Safety Metrics Across YouTube
How To Use Flowcharts To Diagnose Drop In Search Ranking
PayPal Data Shows Back-To-School Shopping Upside Down
Creative Execs Behind CNN's Facts First Ads Aim To Prevent, Predict Misinformation
Google News Initiative Wraps Audience Lab, Bridge Michigan Shares Results
For Pandemic-Weary Shoppers, Etsy Is 'A Dream Come True'
How Brands Can Leverage 'Dark Social'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020
Disney's Exodus From Facebook Benefited Amazon
Google Helps Advertisers Create, Buy Ads On Pandora, Spotify, Other Platforms
Bye-Bye Loyalty: Data Reveals Start Of Messy Holiday Shopping Season
IAB Privacy Lab Launches In Partnership Between IAB Europe And IAB Tech Lab
Roku Sees 42% Revenue Growth, Monthly Accounts Now Total 43 Million
Firefox Takes New Step To Stop Tracking By Ad Tech Companies
Google News Initiative Wraps Audience Lab, Bridge Michigan Shares Results
Google Deletes 2,600 China-Linked YouTube Channels
Google Updates Search Console API
Former Google Engineer Sentenced To Prison For Stealing Trade Secrets
Google Winding Down Music Service
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020
Searchspring Buys 4-Tell, Boosts Ecommerce Personalization
Google Unveils Gaming Metrics, Features, Ad Units For Advertisers, Publishers
Microsoft Agrees To Transfer TikTok Code, Algorithms From China
Brainworks Releases COVID-19 Online Screening Using Ambient Biometrics, Advertising To Come
Google Winding Down Music Service
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020
Google Not Yet Invited To Join Ad Industry Group To Solve A Problem It Helped To Create
Google Launches Nearby Share, Years After Apple Releases Its Basic Feature AirDrop
Incoming Traffic, Website Turmoil During COVID-19 In First Half Of 2020
Button, Rakuten Partner To Support Mutual Customers Like Sam's Club
Ad Industry Launches New Organization, Will Push Google And Apple On Tracking
Google Secures Applications with Private Certificate Authorities
Google Fitbit Acquisition Under EU Investigation
How To Measure During A Pandemic: Q&A With Analytic Partners' Spetsaris
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