Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for August 2020
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 31, 2020
Google Kids Space On Android, A Lifetime Branding Experience
Google Displays Image Licensing Details In Search Results
Zillow Opens A World Of Possibilities In TV Ad Campaign That Pulls In Search Data
Verified Pre-Bid Data Offered To Media Buys Through InMarket, Location Sciences Partnership
Small Business Everyday, Facebook Sponsors Campaign Using Google-Backed Venture
Charting The Journey: The Hurdles In Mapping The Customer Path
AT&T Aims To Restrict Web Companies' Protections For Users' Speech
Google Corrects Gmail Security Bug
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 28, 2020
IAB: The Impact Of COVID-19 On Data Spending
Media Kitchen CEO Barry Lowenthal Talks TikTok
Back-To-School Ad Spend Falls 70%
Most Consumers Will Not Shop In Stores This Black Friday
Peacock Debuts Voice-Activated Ads From Big Brands
COVID-19 Requires Brands To Aid Community Relief Efforts
Filling Gaps In Hispanic News Coverage Can Engage Audiences
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020
Yext Takes On Milky Way Search Algorithm Update Leveraging BERT
TikTok Bid: Walmart Reportedly Teams Up With Microsoft
Biden Vs. Trump: Ad Media Spend Could Have A Similar Outcome As In 2016
Google Shares Data: Agencies Fear Personally Identifiable Information Is Included In Reports
Interest Piques For 'Customer Delight,' 'Data-Driven Marketing,' 'Intent Data'
Dashlane Says The Secret Word, Finds Value In A Super Bowl Buy
Narrative Raises $8.5 Million
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020
Apple, Google OS Updates To Disrupt Online Advertising
CVS Aggregates Two Decades Of Data To Run Its Newly Launched Media Network
DoubleVerify Launches Publisher Division
Ericsson Emodo, CKDelta Partner To Improve Data Accuracy In Mobile Advertising
Absolutdata Joins Nielsen's Network For CPG Industry
Octane AI Raises Funds, Launches Ecommerce Quiz Builder
Identity As A Strategy: Planning The Cookie-less Future
Inventing An Audience: Lionsgate Hunts For The New Moviegoer
Rethinking Relevance, Messaging And Context Beyond The Crisis
Crunching The Map: Crunch Fitness's Geo-Targeting Workout
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020
Consumers Age 65 And Older Are Attracted To Non-Brand Terms
CNN Donkey And Elephant Campaign Aims To Drive TV Viewership Through Social
General Atlantic, Sequoia Reportedly Driving Bid For TikTok
Verily, Alphabet's Life Sciences Unit, Gets Into Health Insurance Using AI, Data
Car Shoppers Change What They Are 'Googling'
Outbrain Signed As Local Media Consortium's Preferred Native Ads Provider
Google AdSense Reports For Visualizing Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 24, 2020
How Political Views Of College Students Influence Their Media Consumption
Google Search Data Challenges How People Trend Through COVID-19
Holiday Season 2020 Hot Items Point To Building Materials, Spirits, Groceries, Per IBM Data
SEO Stuck In Gender Inequality
Average CPM For Location-Based Audiences Might Surprise Marketers
Google Seeks Dismissal Of Privacy Suit Alleging It Tracks 'Incognito' Users
Verizon Media Launches Contextual Targeting Solution
How Local Newspapers Can Boost Digital Reader Revenue
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 21, 2020
How Jack Daniel's Parent Brown-Forman Proves Content Performance
Facebook Elaborates On Its Data Portability Measures, Pushes For Legislation
3D Search, Physna Readies A Google Ads Auction-Based Model
Diversity Data Shows Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook Fail To Deliver
Verizon 5G 360-Degree Camera To Perform At Indianapolis 500
U.S. Advertising Falls 14% In July, Most Moderate Rate Of Erosion Since March
IPG's Kinesso Launches Developer Community
Beachbody Works Media Muscle To Take On High- And Low-End Competition
'Leads' Lead Marketers' Attention, 'Conversational Commerce' Rises Too
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020
YouTube Ads Making An Impact, Brands Benefiting From Content Made For Kids
Fraud Follows Connected TV Boom
Verizon 5G 360-Degree Camera To Perform At Indianapolis 500
Microbusinesses Faring Well During COVID-19, Study Shows
Facebook Steps Up Action Against QAnon, Other Dangerous Fringe Groups
MessageGears Debuts Upgrade To Support Facebook Customer Audiences And Google Customer Match
WFA: Most Marketers Now Using In-House 'Brand Trading Desks,' Reaping Full Transparency
Microsoft Updates Recommendations, Campaign-Level Associations
Google Fixes Major Gmail Bug
TikTok Creators Try To Influence Gen Z Voters
Moving Beyond Generic Personalization to Hyper-Tailoring Of Offers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020
Why Oracle, Not Microsoft, Should Buy TikTok
Adobe: How Millennials, Gen X Cope With Productivity Challenges At Work, Home
Adobe Chooses MediaWallah As Premiere Partner For Identity Resolution Onboarding
Pandemic Pushes Podcast Advertising, Messages Consumers Want To Hear
Facial-Recognition Company Says Injunction Would Violate First Amendment
Mazda Invites Consumers To 'Rediscover The Road'
Free Gmail And YouTube May Be At Risk In Australia, Google Warns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020
Yelp Expands Tools To Help Businesses With Recruiting As COVID-19 Transforms Hiring
Fauci Addresses Contact Tracing, Scientific Collaboration, BTS Protocols In Live Discussion
Back-To-School Flip-Flop: Mental Health Effects Of Pandemic Surface In Search Queries
Facebook Patent Shows How Technology Can Increase Ad Performance
Lawsuit Claims Google Monopolizes App Distribution Market
Audio Content Remains Strong Among Remote Workers As Local News, Radio, Podcasts, Music Thrive: Nielsen
Our Brain And Its Junk News Habit
Fortnite Game Maker Thinks Like A TV Network Group
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