Video Daily Editions for March 2013
Video Daily - Friday, March 29, 2013
The Cost of Not Being On Time
See If You Can Find Stephen's Colbert Subtle Product Promo
Are You Making This Fatal Video Content Mistake?
NowThisNews Contributes To MSN
China Online Video Site Acquires 33 American Off-Net Series
Can Current Events Change The Tide?
Video Pushes Neft Vodka To Top Of Viral Chart
Digital Platforms? VOD? Better To Start Up -- Or Just Buy -- More Cable Networks
Louis Vuitton Video Sparks Outrage
Degree's The Adrenalist
YouTube Lets Gamers Live Stream Video
Report: HBO Go To Live-Stream Sports
Brands May Spend More On Yahoo Due To Tech Patents
NY Yankees Score Highest Media Value For Baseball
Video Daily - Thursday, March 28, 2013
Grumpy Blogger Only Knows How to Tear Things Down, Not Offer Constructive Suggestions
Mobile Video And The Revenge Of The Webisodic
57% Of Consumers Rely On Product Videos
Still Site-Serving Video? It's Costing You
The Whole Story: TV As A Path To Purchase Medium
'Variety' Relaunches In Print, Adds Streaming Content Online
Fast Cars And 1 Million YouTube Motor Channel Subscribers
Louis Vuitton Video Sparks Outrage
Mobile Usage Is Rocketing Search Efforts
Ad-Supported Cable Ups TV's Viewing Numbers, Time-Shifted TV Climbs
Google Draws Line On "Sponsored Content"
Amazon Unveils New Comedy Series
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Invodo's Logical Pitch: Show Consumers How It Works and They Just Might Buy It
Analyst: HBO's Streaming Will Boost Netflix
Aereokiller Garners Support From Digital Rights Group
Redbox: Instant Failure
NCAA's March Madness Gets Big Digital Scores
'Variety' Relaunches In Print, Adds Streaming Content Online
What Convergence Means For Digital Video
Still Site-Serving Video? It's Costing You
Product Videos Online Boost Purchase Confidence
Report Predicts a Looming OTT Battle of Content Providers
Spotify Shouldn't Become Netflix
U.S. Music Sales Gets By With a Little (Whole Lotta) Help from Streaming
Talk About Targeted Streaming Video! Urinal Games Get Exposure at Minor League Ballpark
A Guide to What Will and Won't Happen at TV's Upfronts
Fast Cars And 1 Million YouTube Motor Channel Subscribers
IgnitionOne: Programmatic Display Spend Up 55% YOY
Twitter Ad Spend Forecast To Hit $1 Billion In 2014
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 26, 2013
MyPodStudios Is the Little Online Video Site Going into The Production Business
JWT Axes Staffers Over Controversial Online Ford Ads
Weighing A Hulu Sale: Major TV Content Providers Handing Over Reins?
J.D. Power's O'Neill: Strong Auto Year In Offing
Nielsen Expects To Add iPad Ratings By End Of Year
What Convergence Means For Digital Video
Smartclip Launches SmartX Platform For Video
Spotify Mulls Entering the Video Content Business
Redbox: Instant Failure
Report Predicts a Looming OTT Battle of Content Providers
Tablet Gaming Is Hacking And Slashing Other Platforms
UK Web Users Register Billion Video Hits Per Month
MSNBC Prez: 'Evolving' Network Into Lifestyle Brand
Video Daily - Monday, March 25, 2013
Imagining the Interactive Land Just Beyond 'Oz"
Initial 2013 Broadcast Spending Reflects Tough Comps With 2012, Digital Continues To Expand Share Of Agency Budgets
comScore Formally Debuts Multi-Platform Ratings
Smartclip Launches SmartX Platform For Video
BuzzMedia Spins Into SpinMedia, Revamps Network
Tremor Adds to Its Executive Suite
Are You the Person Who Clicks on Ads?
Researcher Says OTT Viewers Want Their YouTube
Brands Need to Know What They Want from Online Advertising
Spotify Prepping Video Service?
How To Optimize Videos For Search Results
Can Online Video Content Create The Next Great Media Empire?
Video Daily - Friday, March 22, 2013
Native Advertising Study Shoots Some Bullets at Pre-Roll
Recording TV Content Is Popular, But Many Shows Are Never Watched
Box Office Revs Up 6% Worldwide
Just A Taste, Please: Crackle Says Its Mobile Users 'Snack' on Video
How Much of an Encoder Does Your Business Really Need?
Google Trends Integrates YouTube Search Data
Subtlety In "Mistakes Kids Make" Video Weakens The Message
Ex-Centurion Holdings CFO Joins 24/7 Media
'Esquire' Launches Siri-Style App
HBO Mulls Internet Go Subscription Again
Optimizing For The Last Impression
Mobile Madness: College Basketball's Digital Experience Grows
Native + Content: A Powerful Advertising Combination
Video Daily - Thursday, March 21, 2013
One in Three Will Watch an Online Video This Week
News Analysis: Media, Big Data Loom Large In GOP Reinvention
Ad Or Content: Why Are Advertisers Asking This Question?
Multiple Devices Fragment Brand, Consumer Relationships
Video In Email, Take Three
Mag Bag: 'Atlantic' Gets Video From NowThisNews
The Darker Side Of Viewability
Michigan Launches Nationwide Effort
Al Jazeera America Begins To Staff Up: Star Is Born?
Satellite Adds Video Subscribers, Cable Dips
Second-Screen TV Services Poised To Grow, But Business Needs Standards & Scale
TV Ads Play A Role In Good Vibes
Is Online Video Delivering on Its Promise?
Google Trends Integrates YouTube Search Data
Independent Again Fastest-growing Online Paper
Video Daily - Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Hope You Have the Time to Read This Before You've Got to Run
New Metrics Strengthen Evaluation Of Digital Impressions
Coke Says Social Media Doesn't Sell Much Cola
CBS Continues Push To Move Beyond Traditional Demos
Crackle Adds New Metrics For Sony's Video Streaming
Will Congress Pass Bill Allowing Tax on Internet Purchases?
Is 'House Of Cards' A House Of Cards?
Southwest Airlines Takes New Approach
BlurbIQ Debuts New Overlay Units
Women Described As The "Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media"
Hulu Seen Getting Stronger
The ABCs Of Video Ad Management
Heineken Breaks From The Mainstream
Blinkx, PMC Partnership Boosts Video Library
ABC Close To Live-Streaming On Mobile Devices
Video Daily - Tuesday, March 19, 2013
The Unstoppable Video Steamroller Called Popcornflix
Zoom, NetPulse Deliver Ads To Fitness Equipment
Online Primetime
See the Videos That Media Bistro Says Makes This Guy a Vine Master
Good Times For Networks As Others Deal With 'Global Enraged"
Banner Blindness: 60% Can't Remember The Last Display Ad They Saw
Ad Content Still Matters With RTB
Q1 and AdExcite Plan a Merger
The ARF Re:think 2013
Sony, Kimmel Strike Content Integration Deal
Google's Working On Newsstand Feature
Is That Light At The End Of The Online Video Tunnel An Oncoming Train?
Travel Companies Must Engage Millennials
Pew Report: News Media Loses Out On Digital Ads
Does Violent TV Content Include Real-Life Acts?
Twitter Inventor Jack Dorsey Tweets His Mom Every Morning
Video Daily - Monday, March 18, 2013
Coming Out, Some More: Gay Ad Network Expands Its Online Video Offerings
Online Ad Share Expected To Reach $51 Billion By 2017
Twitter Inventor Jack Dorsey Tweets His Mom Every Morning
Mobile Expanding News Audiences, Not Profits
Dizzying comScore Data Suggests the Market Is Shaking Out
Mobile Shoppers Prefer Retailer Web Sites To Apps
Coke Zero, Conan Partner To Promote NCAA
Primetime is for Online, Too
Innovation: Hardest Thing To Get Right
Three Attributes To Extend Your CMO Longevity
Online Primetime
iPhone and Samsung Marketers Duke It Out
Got Milk? You May Need It To Dunk Your Old Cookies
Gervais Brings Back 'Office' Character Via YouTube
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