• Apple Gives Bob Mansfield Auto Initiative
    Apple has tasked Bob Mansfield with overseeing it nascent automobile project. Inside and outside of the company, Mansfield revered for successfully bringing many of the company’s best known products to market. “Apple now has Mr. Mansfield running the company’s secret autonomous, electric-vehicle initiative, code-named Project Titan,” The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources.
  • Amazon Tests Drone Delivery With British Government
    Amazon has partnered with the British government to test its drone delivery program. “Under the partnership, Britain’s aviation regulator will let Amazon test several aspects of drone technology -- such as piloting the machines beyond the line of sight of its operators -- that the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has not permitted,” The New York Times reports.
  • Pepper The Robot Expanding Outside Japan, In Banks, Shops
    SoftBank Corp's human-like robot Pepper will be rolled out in Taiwan later this year with about 100 rented units making their appearance in some banks and Carrefour SA shops, executives handling Pepper's sales in the island said on Monday. Taiwan is set to become one of the first markets outside of Japan to launch Pepper, a key plank in SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son's vision of future technology centered on 'internet of things', a network of devices, vehicles and building sensors that collect and exchange data. The island is also home of the robot's contract maker Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai ...
  • Beauty Retailers Add Augmented Reality
    Beauty retailers such as Ipsy and Nudstix are among the several brands reaping the benefits of Perfect365's new Explore tab that allows users to browse augmented reality videos from their favorite social influencers to better find and buy products. Perfect365 is tapping into the popularity of both its mobile app and social media moguls to give brands better visibility and show off certain products and looks. The new Explore tab allows users to browse what is happening on the app with popular makeup tutorial creators with videos that feature products on the stars via augmented reality. 
  • City Looks To Adopt More IoT Connections To Smartphones
    Strong internet connections can play a huge role these days in the economic viability of an area.  As growing numbers of devices and systems are being connected to the internet, cities across the country are looking to keep up with what’s called the Internet of Things, or IOT. Milwaukee is no different. The city is in the early stages of examining what it means to be a "Smart City," or a city that uses technology and the internet to enhance performance. The City of Milwaukee is ready using smart technology connected to the internet to improve lives and services.
  • Connected Toys Raise Privacy, Security Concerns
    If you're a parent buying a talking toy for your kids, you probably wouldn't want a hacker using it as a way to talk to them alone in their bedrooms. Nor would you want hackers using their toys as a way to collect sensitive personal information about them. But that's the risk parents must consider – but may not even be aware of – with the rise of the Internet of Toys. Dedicated hackers – both ethical  and nefarious – have proven they can take advantage of internet-connected toys that don't have adequate cybersecurity measures in place. That's raised new concerns from security and privacy advocates who say ...
  • Local Retailers In Market Embrace Pokemon Go
    South Korean retailers are capitalizing on the explosive popularity of Nintendo’s augmented-reality mobile game “Pokémon Go” with new products and services targeting local Pokémon game enthusiasts and fans. From a sudden rise in consumer spending at select Pokémon-appearing cities in Korea to the launch of Pokémon-inspired hotels, tour packages and goods, the smash-hit game appears to be leaving a notable imprint on the local retail sector.
  • China Bans Self-Driving Car Tests On Public Highways
    A new report from Bloomberg revealed that Chinese auto industry regulators are said to be collaborating with police to come up with rules regarding autonomous car testing. As a result, the industry has come out with a draft of the preliminary regulations. She Weizhen, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, revealed that work toward implementing autonomous vehicle regulations is well under way but didn’t give a time frame as to when the regulations will be finalized and released. Until they are, the government says self-driving cars cannot test on public highways. China’s push for self-driving cars is part ...
  • Samsung Marketing Connectivity For Older Cars
    While Apple and Google are putting CarPlay and Android Auto in new automobiles, Samsung is making older cars the first focus of its connected car push. The product, announced Saturday but still not finalized, is called Samsung Connect Auto, and plugs into the diagnostic port found on nearly all cars made over the last two decades and offers LTE internet access as well as the potential for services like roadside assistance or usage-based insurance. In the U.S., Samsung is working first with AT&T, which will launch the service in the second quarter, Samsung said. The company isn’t saying how much ...
  • Companies Marketing Robots To Retailers
    For more than a century, robots and androids have captured the imagination of science fiction fans, engineers and techno-geeks — everything from Fritz Lang’s groundbreaking 1927 film “Metropolis” and the antics of Star Wars’ C3PO and R2D2 to Isaac Asimov’s vision of a future dominated by robotic workers. To some, advanced robotics are still the stuff of science fiction. However, robotics may be the new business “disrupter,” a herald of a new machine age that could significantly change the retail business.
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