• Risks Seen In Using VR Headsets
    There may be some unintended consequences in using virtual reality. Researchers  at Leeds University warn that continued use of VR could cause eyesight and balance problems, most notably in children.
  • Toys R Us Rolling Out Augmented Reality Chainwide
    Augmented reality has come a long way since Pokémon Go. Now mega-toy retailer Toys “R” Us is expanding its augmented reality test to all its stores, so children can play games through the stores as they (and their parents) shop.
  • Walmart Sees AI, VR In Shopping Future
    Advanced technologies continue their adoption in retail. At a recent conference, a top Walmart exec spoke of the mega-retailer’s future including voice and artificial intelligence.
  • Google Machine Learning Software Learns To Replicate Itself
    Artificial intelligence keeps moving along. Google just said it created a project where machine-learning software became more efficient than the best human-designed systems.
  • Carnival Adds Wearables To Cruise Ship
    Connections are everywhere these days, even on the high seas. Carnival has equipped its Regal Princess with 7,000 sensors to track the tastes and preferences of travelers as they roam the ship.
  • CNN Gets Waiver To Fly Drones Over Crowds
    Media is taking to the skies. CNN has been granted a waiver to fly drones over crowds, a first for the FAA, which prohibits drones flying over people, unless a waiver is granted.
  • Dell To Invest $1 Billion In Internet Of Things
    Michael Dell was an early pioneer in selling personal computers, the first to create made-to-order PCs over the phone. The company ultimately embraced online sales when the commercial web took off. Now that the Internet of Things is here, Dell has decided to invest $1 billion in it over the next few years.
  • Amazon Drops Echo Show Price After YouTube Fallout
    Following a spat in which Google pulled YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show, the online behemoth decided to drop the price of the device from $230 to $200, at least for the time being.
  • Nokia Backs Off VR Investments
    Virtual reality is moving off the front burner at Nokia. The company just said it’s cutting investments in VR due to “slower than expected development.”
  • Samsung Plans AI-Based IoT Platform
    Another day, another platform. However, this IoT platform from Samsung is AI-based. It will be aimed at helping to manage smart buildings. 
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