• Home Monitoring Company Head Critical Of Google Nest Leader Comments
    Though Dropcam founder Greg Duffy sold his home monitoring camera company to Nest for $555 million in 2014, only now is he publicly expressing seller's remorse. Duffy wrote a less-than-flattering note posted on Medium about Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Tuesday. He said he was "compelled to set the record straight" after Fadell made negative comments about the Dropcam employees who ultimately worked for Nest, the connected device company owned by Alphabet. Duffy said Fadell's criticism that "a lot of the employees were not as good as we hoped" is incredibly insulting to Dropcam's team and should be considered "blatant scapegoating."
  • Airport Moves Flight Info To Smartwatches
    Dubai Airports is streamlining experiences for travelers by rolling out a new smartwatch application that enables users to view their current flight status, gate information and departure time right on their wrists, suggesting that other travel hubs could soon target smartwatch wearers. The wearable-friendly app functions as an extension of Dubai Airports’ existing iOS and Android apps, which provide travelers with up-to-date information regarding upcoming flights and terminal changes. As airports continue delving deeper into the world of mobile – most notably, by incorporating beacons into terminals – the opportunity to introduce streamlined information updates for smartwatch owners still abounds.
  • Samsung Launches IoT Refrigerator
    Samsung Electronics has launched a IoT-enabled refrigerator in South Korea. Dubbed the 'Family Hub', the product was first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The Family Hub is equipped with a 21.5-inch Full HD touch screen that allows users to follow-up on various conditions of the refrigerator, Yonhap news agency reports. The 850-liter Family Hub refrigerator is available in South Korea for KRW 6.49 million (approximately USD 5,627). Using the three cameras installed inside, users can check the food stored in the refrigerators through a smartphone application. Users can also order ingredients for recipes through the Family Hub. …
  • University To Start IoT Campus Project
    SK Telecom said Wednesday it will establish an Internet of Things (IoT) network system at Korea University. “We will rebuilt the campus of Korea University into a smart life place tapping into IoT technologies,” SK Telecom’s network operations division president Lee Hyung-hee said in a statement. “We will present an exemplary business-academic cooperation model that can exceed existing limitations of smart campus projects.” On Wednesday, the telecom company signed a memorandum of understanding with the university on cooperating for what they call the “PI Campus” project. Under the agreement, the two will apply the latest network technologies including IoT, cloud storage, big …
  • Apple Watch App Moves Lawnmower
    The Swedish company Husqvarna, which used to make competition off-road motorcycles but which now manufactures outdoor power products such as motor mowers, garden tractors and trimmers, has launched an Apple Watch app that allows remote control of your lawnmower. The new Automower Connect app allows users to control, configure and monitor the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower models Automower 320, 330X and 450X from the wrist. The app means, therefore, that garden loving homeowners and others don’t need to have direct contact with their mowers. Laziness? Possibly, but bear in mind the following: Every time you start your mower, you are dealing with a dangerous and potentially deadly piece …
  • Most IoT Devices In Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, U.S.
    The internet is infiltrating all of our devices, from thermostats to stoves. Yet, the technology seems to be more popular in other countries than in the US. The Koreans, Danish, and Swiss have more things tethered to the internet, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and search engine Shodan.
  • Virtual Reality Headset Launching Quietly
    With the debut of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, many people would have expected that there would come with the launch of a huge marketing campaign, or at least a glitzy launch party, but that is not the case. The early adopters who pre-ordered their virtual reality headsets will be receiving theirs just as they would any other package that they’ve ordered, except in this case they needed to be willing to drop $600 in order to obtain it. For many, it came as a surprise that the Oculus Rift launch was simply a matter …
  • Alphabet May Create Voice Recognition Device
    Alphabet may be working on its own version of Amazon's increasingly popular voice recognition device the Echo. According to a report in The Information, one of the products that Alphabet's Nest division is working on is a "Google voice recognition device" designed to compete with Amazon Echo. The Echo has been a surprising hit. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled cylinder roughly the size of a Pringles equipped with powerful microphones and speakers. The runs a voice recognition digital assistant named Alexa that allows users to ask questions, call up music, order items on Amazon and a growing list of other tasks simply …
  • App Converts Phone To Smart Dashcam
    What do you get when you cross the smarts of an artificial intelligence (AI) dashcam app with the location and navigation prowess of Google? Apologies if you were expecting a hilarious punchline, but the answer is, in fact, Nexar. So far, Nexar has pitched its inaugural product as the first AI dashcam app on the market, one which promises to transform your windshield-mounted iPhone into a smart camera that analyzes the road and recognizes traffic lights and bad drivers, while simultaneously recording events for posterity — should your insurance company require evidence in the event of a crash.
  • Robot Package Delivery Program To Start Testing Near Walmart HQ
    A major experiment is set to begin soon on the campus of the University of Arkansas that could determine how retailers use robots, also known as autonomous terrestrial drones, to make deliveries. Beginning April 1, London-based Starship Enterprises will be turning heads on the rolling hills of the University of Arkansas campus as an important experiment gets underway to gauge human interaction with autonomous land-based vehicles. Starship’s founders, the folks who created Skype, plan to operate the small, six-wheeled vehicles for the first time in the U.S. in hopes of demonstrating how the vehicle can revolutionize last mile deliveries. The vehicle travels …
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